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    We stopped a few years ago with Sencha, caused by the nightmare of version mismatching.
    Is there still no VM ISO orLinux distro available that works right out of the box?
    We liked Sencha vey much...
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    What do you mean with 'Jira story'. Would you make an ISO that we can download or would you reference to the steps of tangix? (great work tangix!)
    My experience is that the description of tangix...
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    I tried several times in the past to start with Sencha. Even bought a Complete suite.
    The main problem is that the installation is a real nightmare.
    You have to install dozens of applications, with...
  4. That what I did. See screenshot below.
    But there is no build for Archict and for Touch.
    Last week I saw Ext-JS and Touch, now only Ext-JS.
  5. Where do I find latest/nightly build of Sencha Architect?

    When I go to I do only see Ext-JS nigthlu builds.
    At the moment I use 670.
    I have bought Sencha Complete.
  6. Cmd
    Architect 2.1.670

    When I build a package from out Architect I have to fill a integer in versionCode. But then the build fails (stbuild) with an error std::runtime_error.
    When I...
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    1. What are the limitations of Sencha Touch I should know before deploying my nice apps?
    For example. I saw a thread about a limitationt of 5mb of the LocalStore. Maybe there are other things to...
  8. Problem found.
    I moved the italic line to the bold line, before the setMask.
    Thread may be closed.

    store.each(function (record){
    window.setTimeout(function() {...
  9. You are right. The source I copied I had changed from 'mylist.setMasked(false)' into mylist.'unmask()'.
    Both do not work.

    In short. I like to have the possibility to shown a progress in a loop....
  10. I load a json store form a server and copy the records into a local store. That works fine, only the copy process takes some time. Therefore I like to show the user how long the process will take, by...
  11. Newbie question:
    I have a Gridpanel with a store.
    Under the Gridpanel I set a Gauge chart, with the same store.
    When I load the store the Gauge shows teh value of the first row of the grid.
  12. Is it possible in Sencha to determine what phone number is calling? So, I can show information in my app about that person?
    I found some information here about a native Android solution.
  13. Yes, this code from onLoad event of a store. An event, so manually typed.
    The problem is that I have to consume webservices from a backend database, these webservices are dynamically. I do not know...
  14. I try to show a dynamic result set in a dataview.
    In a store 'Headers' I have loaded all the columns that have to be loaded in a new (json) store.
    In the onStoreLoad event of the store 'Headers' I...
  15. You may close this thread.
    The problem is int JsonP, at the server side.
  16. It does open in the browser. When I look in Chrome with developer mode I can see the data is retrieved also.

    I found the following below, it seems that a empty rootProperty is for clearing a...
  17. About my post, it did not work in the development environment neither.
    (I tried first with a XML proxy that works fine in de development environment but not in the browser, but I saw several posts...
  18. Yes I have set autoload.
  19. I create my first simple app that gets information from ower SQL Anywhere database by a webservices in Json format. When I click Load Data in the develop environment I can see the data. But when I do...
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