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    I found the way to fix it:
    add this to your css

    /** Fix bad height for display field Ext 4.2.3 */
    .x-form-display-field {
    height: 18px;
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    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.2.3
    Browsers tested:

    Chrome 37

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.2.3
    Browsers tested:

    Chrome 37
    FireFox 33
    IE 11
  4. The problem is the same for the

    This can be fixed this way:

    Ext.override(, {
    owns: function(element) {
    if (this.picker &&...
  5. Hello,

    There seem to be a bug when removing an item from a store used by a grid, having the grouping feature.
    Here is a test case :

    Ext.create('', {
  6. Hello,

    I found a small bug when setting the type of a panel's tool when it hasn't been rendered yet.
    If you call the setType method the actual type is changed but it will be rendered with the...
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    Here's another one,

    The menu items of the grid grouping feature aren't localized either.

    Its very easy to fix, actually the wrong class is overridden:

  8. OOOOPS sorry I use
    - Ext 4.1.1
    - Firefox 15 / IE 9 / Chrome 21

    If you inspect the variables with firebug (or similar) of the trees examples available in the doc, you can see the phenomenon.
  9. Hello,

    I noticed that went collapsing a node of a tree, all it's children will have their "store" properties set to "null".

    Expanding the parent node will restore it's children' store...
  10. I think you'll have to write you own dragZone and dropZone

    Default implementations used in the "gridviewdragdrop" plugin are working with the entire row and handle the remove from source grid so...
  11. Hello,

    Not really sure if this is a bug or a feature but the behavior of the tree's BeforeLoad event raised questions to me.

    Take a TreePanel with an TreeStore (ajax proxy).
    Attach it a...
  12. Hello,

    Indeed, I discovered the issue when performing drag-drop between a tree and a grid.

    The work around works anyway but should probably be moved to the Ext.tree.ViewDragZone
  13. ExtJs version : 4.1

    Hello !

    I found a small issue on the drag behavior of the view DragZone used by grids and trees at least.
    Test case :
    Make a grid with drag enabled and 'MULTI' selection...
  14. Juste like you, I wonder why the virtual scrolling is the default scrolling.
    As this wasn't working for me, I tried your work around.

    But unfortunately your solution only fixes the vertical...
  15. Got the answer on premium

    Update the node of a tree grid
  16. Hello,

    In my process I need to update a TreeGrid node when refreshing it's children.
    So first, when I do
    myTreeStore.load(myParentNode) my server replies with the parentNode and it's children....
  17. Hello,

    Thanks for the answer, it definitely helped.
    I used the "draggable" property in Ext3, and it's now become "allowDrag" and I thank you to point it out for me.

    Though it did not solved...
  18. Looking inside Ext code, I found this :

    Ext.define('Ext.tree.ViewDropZone', {
    extend: 'Ext.view.DropZone',
    isValidDropPoint : function(node, position, dragZone, e, data) {
  19. Hello,

    I am looking for a way to control the tree drag to allow/deny node drop according to custom logic.

    In Ext3, it was possible to use the "nodedragover" event to do that but it does not...
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    Thanks for all those replies,

    You can swap out stores.

    If I don't define any store for the tree, it does not apreciate ant send me to hell

    You can change the query parameters that get...
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    So no any other way to prevent tree loading. :-?
    I actually need to render it as the data request needs an information held by a checkbox item of the tree's toolbar menu. (and the checkbox is...
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    I am trying to have a tree grid that does not load at render time but later on ; like after clicking a button.

    Sounds easy but can't achieve this. :((

    If someone could let me know how...
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    Yes indeed, custom renderer is an option too.

    The last point I'll need to investigate is which option is the most suitable in case of sorting.
    Especially remote sorting, as I expect to retrieve...
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    Thanks skirtle,

    It does the trick, though it's not really perfect as somehow, it forces to flatten the object.
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    Is it possible to crate an Ext.Model subclass that would have nested objects but not a collection of objects ?

    Example : an "contact" would have one single nested "address"
    contacts :...
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