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  1. Hello tobiu,
    the problem is not was the Server is sending back, the problem is what is send to the server. I am not able to find the send "jsonData" at my servlet.

    jsonData: {
  2. I am sending data like this to a Java Servlet:

    var makeAjaxRequest = function() {
    url : '/myservlet',
  3. ok with it works. Thanks!
  4. It is possible to define a timeout for an Ajax Request but not for a Ext.util.JSONP.request, why?

    I had a JSONP Request running for 5 Minutes but there was not a Timeout. Something wrong?

    I am...
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    Hello tobiu, thanks for your answer.

    I am sending back a simple JSON-Data String. What i am wondering about is, that the Ajax Request does not call my GET or POST Methods in my Servlet. So...
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    I have a simple Servlet running on my System. I want to send some data to it, but the only incoming information i see, is this:

  7. Ah great, this works perfectly! Thx very much!
    I like the fast help here, this is one of the reasons why i recommend all of my customers GXT. :)

    Will you update the 'fe.getKeyCode()'-Method in...
  8. When i extend the class TextField and overwrite the method

    protected void onKeyPress(FieldEvent fe) {

    i always get the value '0' when i call:


    Worked perfectly with GXT...
  9. Ok thx! I thought there would be some classes from GXT.
  10. I want to open an external url like in a new Browser Window from my GXT-Webapp. How can i do this from GXT ?
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    Any updates available to GXT 3.0 ? I need this UiBinder feature.
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    I have a nested layout where the Root-LayoutContainer contains some TextFields and a TabPanel with 5 TabItems and each of this TabItems has a Grid and some TextFields. I want to bind all grids (which...
  13. Is there any solution available now (workaround, bugfix) ?
  14. I have a FormPanel with a binding to a Model, like this:

    FormPanel formPanel = new FormPanel();
    FormBinding binding = new FormBinding(formPanel);

    Binding TextFields is working great. Now...
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    I have a FormPanel (which has binded textfields) with a binding to a Model, like this:

    FormPanel formPanel = new FormPanel();
    FormBinding binding = new FormBinding(formPanel);

    Here is...
  16. I will try it, thanks for your help! :)
  17. Is there a solution to show icons without CSS/IconHelper ?
  18. I am using the Fast-Tree example but i want to use own icons for the Items, so i use the IconHelper.createStyle to add them.

    tree.setIconProvider(new ModelIconProvider<MyModelData>() {

  19. This was the solution, thank you very much!:)
  20. Thx Kolli, this was the answer! :)
  21. I want to change the Text of the Buttons "yes, no, cancel" (for i18n). How can i do this?

    MessageBox box = new MessageBox();
  22. The problem is, i dont know the size of the Tab when i change the Text. There must be some kind of autosize.
  23. I want that the size of the Tabs-Header, shown in the TabPanel, automatically changes, when i change the Text of the Header. I used the "Advanced Tabs Example" from...
  24. I have the following class which contains a TabPanel:

    public class MyTabPanel extends Composite {
    private TabPanel tabPanel = new TabPanel();

    public MyTabPanel() {

  25. Hi,
    i have a problem using the TabPanel with the TabScroll-Feature, inside a ViewPort-Layout. I am using the standard BorderLayoutExample and added a TabPanel inside the CENTER-ContentPanel. At...
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