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  1. thanks!!!
  2. How do you create/change a theme such that it can appear in this dropdown in Architect 3?


    For now, I don't have a theme, but have scss overrides in the sass directory. This is fine when...
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    isn't this cleaner?

    var d = new Date();'n'));, -1).format('n'));, -2).format('n'));
  4. Does anyone know why upon replacing the anchor property with a static width (width:300) that the cursor does not show in IE6 when I click on the input area? If I start typing in the box ,then I can...
  5. It there is a TabPanel within a BorderLayout panel, I think it uses this CSS style:

    .ylayout-panel .yui-ext-tabbody {

  6. oh wait, I asked too soon.

    I think it's just setting "baseParams" to the dataModel?

    but how about the PagedGridView toolbar when you click on the Next arrow. How can I add parameters to this...
  7. Hi Animal,

    Can you add your own custom parameters other than page and pageSize? If i wanted to send in 3 additional parameters x,y, and z, is this possible when I call
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    no, im looking for something where users can type in a column name, and it would insert a column depending on where they clicked, kind of like excel. I haven't been able to find a way to do it though.
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    is there a way to insert or delete a column in an existing grid?
  10. nevermind! you can do:

    var cell = grid.getCellFromChild(e.getTarget());
    var cellIndex = cell.columnIndex;
  11. Hi,

    Is it possible to get a handle to the active cell in a grid on a right click? the event on rowcontextmenu only has a handle to that selected row in the grid. Is it possible to create a...
  12. Hi,

    I can add a cellclick listener:
    grid.addListener("cellclick", addRow, EditorExample);

    and I have a handle to the rowIndex:
    cellclick : (Grid this, Number rowIndex, Number columnIndex,...
  13. Hi,

    I'm very new at this so bear with me :)
    I made a new KeyMap and one of them is:
    key: "s",
    fn: function(key, e){ YAHOO.util.Event.preventDefault(e);...
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