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  1. Good to know I'm not the only one seeing this. I worked around the problem by setting the show animation on initialization and setting the hide animation on first show (an event listener with...
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    I have a definition of a class with parameters in an object like so:

    xtype: 'coolpanel',
    width: 200,
    I want to do something like this Ext.create("MyApp.view.CoolPanel")...
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    I've modified my architecture to contain all the JS code that is needed by the modules. The are now basically only sets of configuration data for the pre-existing classes. This seems to work ok. I...
  4. Yeah, but PhoneGap has done something actively to fix the issue. I think they move the localstorage file back to its old location or something like that. Sencha does not do that yet as far as I know....
  5. I don't think so. The way I understood it is that localstorage is now stored under a "temporary" folder on the device regardless of its origin (WebView or home screen). This means that if the space...
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    I'm trying to create a modular application that only loads the parts it needs at any given time.

    I have a set of "modules" that are simply an abstraction for a set of views, controllers, stores...
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    Thanks! That worked nicely :)

    So there is no way to hook up the pinch event using refs and controls?

    Also, do you have any tip on the slideDown animation?
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    Does anyone know of a way to hook up a controller such that it will handle all "pinch" events throughout my application? I want a single controller to be responsible for showing a global tool bar...
  9. These are the exact steps (in order) I did to reproduce the problem:

    Downloaded source from here:
    Extracted to folder...
  10. Before you put too much effort into using localstorage you should read this:

    Basically what it...
  11. I just tried creating a blank application from scratch, adding a simple panel:

    Ext.define('Play.view.SimplePanel', {
    extend: 'Ext.Panel',

    config: {
  12. But I'm not destroying anything. This is the exact code and the last line is where it fails:

    mainViewFullName = 'InBrief.view.'+this.get('mainView'); //Becomes: 'InBrief.view.ArticleNavigator'...
  13. No, I'm simply starting upp the application and adding a panel with show and hideAnimation set.
  14. I found the solution. It seems I was overriding the "load" method incorrectly.
  15. I am dynamically adding panels to a view and I want to animate their transitions. This is the structure:

    -- TilePanel

    Both panels are inserted dynamically at runtime using this...
  16. I have an application that automatically loads a menu structure from ajax when starting up. Once done it fires an event on a global "event sink" object which other objects may listen to. The event...
  17. Also: Why does the documentation show the getFlex method on the button if it's not available?
  18. Thanks for the help. I've moved the code out and overridden the initialize function. I also noticed that I'm actually setting the flex value on the parent Panel object and not the button itself. I...
  19. I might be missing something fundamental here, but I cannot seem to figure out why this does not work:

    Ext.define('InBrief.view.TileButton', {
    extend: 'Ext.Button',
    xtype: 'tilebutton',...
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