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    Yup makes sense. The class system actually handles all of that logic - from loading the file onto the page to actually constructing the class (at which point the xtype is registered). There would...
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    The issue (as I recall, it was a while back now so my recollection could be rusty) comes when it's time to build the app for production. The way profiles originally worked was that they'd only load...
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    Hey jep, I actually left Sencha a few months back so not totally clued in on the current state of things... I see 2.1 just went GA so maybe there's something in there.

    Agreed that it's the worst...
  4. My patches and code always sometimes work flawlessly
  5. It's on the 2.1 plate, but hasn't been implemented yet so I don't want to confirm yet
  6. You mean in the browser? That's what happens by default, at least on iOS
  7. Yup, that's a pretty popular way of handling that
  8. This is because the cross-domain security restrictions do not allow you to load XML from a different domain (e.g. your app is on but you're requesting data from The most...
  9. Hmm possibly it's a side effect of some performance optimisations that went into 2.0.1, I'll send Jacky here to see if that could be the cause
  10. What type of Proxies are you using with your Stores (e.g. Ajax vs JSON-P)? If you set them all to autoLoad: false, do you get the performance you expect? I'll send Tommy here to investigate what...
  11. Hey Steve,

    Sorry we released such an egregious bug with 2.0.1, we're treating it as a top priority internally and hope to have a public fix out quickly. Stay tuned
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    Yeah shadows and gradients in particular are performance killers - best to avoid them wherever you can, or if you app absolutely needs them it's best to just use an image instead until device...
  13. Your choice on that, though it should be a lot smaller than that now (make sure you download the latest SDK Tools along with the Sencha Touch 2.0.1 release to have everything up to date)
  14. Right - those configs are used primarily when adding a web app to a home screen, not for the native packager. The native packager is gaining additional icon configs in the next release, these bring...
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    Stores load asynchronously in most cases because they have to make an AJAX request, which can take some time to complete. This means you have to use a callback or an event listener. Here's a couple...
  16. While it's not really meant for this, you could do it with a Model and a Store:

    Ext.define('MyApp.model.User', {
    extend: '',

    config: {
    fields: ['id',...
  17. More of a bug, on the stack to be fixed already
  18. Well it depends on what the interaction you're trying to create is. If you're filling in a form when someone taps on an item in a list, you can do something like this:

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    You need to get an instance of a Store instead of calling a static function. If you just want to get the url the Store's Proxy is currently using, try something like this:

    var url =...
  20. You can do something like this:

    'Name: {name}',
    '<tpl for="Sections">',
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    I'm not sure there is a good piece of documentation for the process around creating a plugin, though for the most part it's quite specific to the plugin itself. I'd recommend checking out the source...
  22. Alert always shows objects in that format as it calls toString on them. You're far better off using console.log() instead of alert()... e.g. console.log(this.config.questions)
  23. You should definitely use the GA release instead of any of the RC builds as a good number of issues were addressed between those releases
  24. Just to clarify - are you trying to set the initial value of the text field or change the whole template of the text field itself? The latter is a fairly uncommon thing to need to do, for the former...
  25. When it comes down to it that's largely just styling, see for example - it has a very similar effect with each...
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