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    I found the solution to this one :), though I am still using flash to do my upload(I found some ready to use AS3 libraries and I was short on time),
    But I am not using PUT, uploads to S3 buckets...
  2. I just had a look at the commercial license terms at, there is only mention of using ExtJS on a server, what about a desktop AIR application where I intend to...
  3. Whenever I take my application offline I get these '?' (marked with red quads in image)for the drop downs icons in combo-box and other assets, may be the image assets are being retrieved from...
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    with FAB do you mean, Flex Ajax Bridge ?
  5. Hi,
    I have a form with a combobox in a viewport, the combobox is not rendering the way it should(the screen shot is attached), seems like the list width is 0. Though the combobox will render fine,...
  6. Thanks friend :D ,
    You made my day Today .
  7. Hi, I am rendering a combo box in application sandbox and I am getting the following error, I get this error when i click on the drop-down in the combobox.

    Adobe AIR runtime security violation for...
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    Has anyone tried using Amazon S3 with ExtJs,
    I have read that a browser doesn't support HTTP PUT request, so access to S3 service won't be fully supported from a browser, but with AIR and...
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    Hi, I am using Ext Js in my Air app., while making Ajax requests, the request fails once or twice, but after that the requests are normal, below is the code with which i am making the request.
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