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    Hi, I need to use my own icon for button but still need to have the torch effect when pressing, what is the easiest way to do with Sencha?
    This is Sencha's build in left arrow, I need to use...
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    My app has language settings so user can set language different from OS language, I need some dynamic way to set date picker's language.

    Not sure if that's possible.

    Or if I can modify date...
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    Do anyone know how to localize date picker to other languages?

    Btw, the date picker performance is not so good, I need to wait like 0.5 second for it's UI to scroll up, is there a way to improve...
  4. I have the same issue but found a solution:

    in both containers,
    1. the full screen one include toolbar and smaller scrollable container
    2. the smaller scrollable container

    set layout to...
  5. Thanks it works, but how to set multiple slots? Tried use setSlots() with array of slots information, but didn't work...
  6. Tried spacer and layout, didn't work. Can help me change the code to work? Thanks!

    xtype: 'titlebar',
    docked: 'top',
  7. The following code is not working, result is empty picker...

    me._pickerWaist = Ext.create('Ext.Picker', {...
    var d = [];
    for (var i=70; i<100; ++i) {
  8. I have this radio field:

    _setLang1 = new Ext.field.Radio({ name : 'lang',
    value: 'chinese',
    label: _controller.loc('Chinese Simplified', 1),
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    Is there a way I can find available badge styles (badgeCls) in Sencha, please also let me know how to find them if you can ;)

  10. I mean how do I know if a panel's size is big enough so that every item in it is visible and does not need to scroll?

    I have a panel with vbox and buttons in it, I need to do a animated scroll if...
  11. Hi Russell,

    I found this issue and wrote silly and lengthy code as workaround, thanks a lot for sharing the correct way!!!
  12. Hi this is my code to play a sound clip:

    if (bPlaySound != false) {
    if (!_snd) {
    _snd = Ext.create('Ext.Audio', {
    url: 'hitball.mp3',
  13. i found it here:!/api/Ext.LoadMask
  14. Is it provided with Sencha a processing animation control? Something like this:

    I need the circle part, but don't need the 35% thing. Thanks!
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    My colleague has this code working:

    var viewport = Ext.Viewport;
  16. Thanks. I seem notice there is an issue when you dynamically add a button to a scrollable panel and scrollToEnd() right after the adding.

    Seems at the point of scrolling, panel's height is not...
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    so simple:) thanks!
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    Let's say panel1 contains panel21 and panel22 in hbox, with flex = 8 and 2.
    panel21's layout is also hbox with buttons in it. I need panel21 to autowrap the buttons to row 2 if width of screen is...
  19. Not sure how to scroll a panel with animation, what is the parameter?

    var scroller = _panel.getScrollable().getScroller();
    if (scroller) {
  20. Is there a good document explain layout in depth? Meaning explain all combinations of layout type, align values etc. Felt this is too simple:!/guide/layouts
  21. What I need:
    My code:

    var p1 = Ext.create('Ext.Panel', {
    //scrollable: 'vertical', // adding this makes p1 invisible!
    layout: {type: 'vbox', align:...
  22. I found if i remove scrollable: 'vertical', then it's ok...
  23. _panelClues = Ext.create('Ext.Panel',
    xtype: 'panel', // panel for all the clues buttons
    //docked: 'top',
    layout: {
    type: 'vbox',
    //pack: 'center',...
  24. Say panel has 2 buttons in it's items, now programmatically added 3rd button, expect it to expand and show the 3rd button.

  25. Please, anyone knows?
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