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  1. Hi,
    Where I should write this code to avoid the problem with a store that has only one record?

    return {
    bbox: bbox,
    minX: minX,
    minY: minY,
    xScale: xScale == Infinity ? bbox.width : xScale,...
  2. Hi,
    Is this bug solved ?
  3. Is it possible to have this "stacked and grouped column chart" in latest version of EXT JS?
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    I've been attempting to get two radar charts to work with flex layouts inside an hbox layout panel. I am using extjs 4.2.x . The problem is labels are not being accounted for in this layout...
  5. Hi,
    I am using GXT 3.0.1GPL with gwt 2.4.
    On IE7 & IE8 I am getting below exception on production mode.I have no problem on IE9, chrome and Firefox.
    On window I get...
  6. Hi,
    I don't get the error in my small test case application.I may need to add all the server calls to get the exception.
    But if I form a private Tabpanel and overwrite the onBrowserEvent, I get...
  7. I get this error both in development mode and production mode..But I don't get it on

    I read and

  8. Hi,
    I have a tab panel with two tabs.One of the tab has accordion panel and check box trees inside.
    I am using GXT 3.0.1GPL.
    On IE7 & IE8 I am sometimes getting an error message as below when I...
  9. How can I do this (have tooltip for each node of tree item) if I am using a newer version of GXT. I am using GXT 3.0.1 and instead of treePanel, in this version tree class is used and it does not...
  10. Hi,
    I have this requirement as well:
    3. To Copy things from ClipBoard and transform and append the data in GXT Grid?
    How did you solve it?

    User may copy from excel spreadsheet into the grid.
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    Is there a way to use this plugin in GXT?
    or is there a gwt version?
    I want to copy data from excel spreadsheet and paste into grid by ext gwt.
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    How can I have a multi line grid header with GXT 3.0? I saw a solution in ext js forums, and I overwrote "x-column-header-inner .x-column-header-text" in my own css file.But it did not work.
  13. Thank you..
    It does not give the exception on this page.:)
  14. Hi,
    This happens also when there is only one combobox.If you expand the combobox and click not on the values of combobox; just next to the combobox; you get an exception."Error: One or more...
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