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    thanks grgur,

    I have very a lot of custom config (unlike html which can be overridden by calling setHtml) and more over don't want to call setters for each config separately...

    thanks for the...
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    I have requirement to update my view's config that is passed at the time of creation. thought this should be available. but didn't find it. anyway it goes this way.

    var view =...
  3. hi

    the issue here is due to the lag in the consumption of touch event by sencha framework.
    I addressed this by introducing a delay of 300 ms in calling the focus method.
    give it a try.
  4. I am not using sencha Architect, I am using sencha Cmd and sencha 2.3.1
  5. Hey Ashwin, can you give some pointers to read about these kind of errors, may be how I can identify this kind of issues ?
  6. hey fmoseley,I did as you suggested.
    but still the issue is the same.
    the following is result when I tried to run the diag command.

    Sencha Cmd v4.0.1.45
    [ERR] Unknown command: "daig"
  7. Thanks a lot Ashwin !!
  8. hey Kidmanmatch,I tried with apilevel 18, I dont think API level is of any thing to do with here.I got the same error as mentioned above. (pls refer to the results.txt in the original post)
    here is...
  9. hi All,

    I have a demoApplication written in senchaTouch 2.3 and I am having senchaCmd 4.0.x (latest).
    I have gone through other issues reported in packaging and already done with the...
  10. Hi.

    my sencha application runs on web view of android..

    1. on click of a button, I load a custom component (container with some components and text field one of them) and I call the focus()...
  11. Hi Mitchell,

    script wise I am able to get the focus on the text field, but the android keyboard is not coming up.
  12. thanks a lot , Speedy !
  13. hmm , it works because the position absolute starts rendering from the start of the parent containers. that is why it is coming on the left. this is not a good way to fix i guess. in this case we...
  14. Svizinni, Thanks for the reply. I want the index bar on the left side not the right side. do you have any suggestion in that direction.?
  15. In that case, what does the 'docked' config for the Indexbar do ??
    and the second problem "I am getting the background color for the entire height but the letters are coming only at the top." May...
  16. hi

    I have a requirement to have the index bar of sencha list to be on the left hand side and occupy the complete height as of the height of the list.

    here is what I am trying.

  17. Thanks a lot tvanzoelen..!!
  18. Ext.define('LNM.view.newAccount.NewAccountForm' ,{
    extend: 'Ext.form.Panel',
    alias : 'widget.NewAccountForm',
    title:'Create New Account',
    frame: true,
    bodyStyle: 'padding:15...
  19. after render only I am calling the function.
  20. I am writing this getEl method on a Ext.form.FieldSet, But it is saying the method is undefined.29694
  21. Hi all,

    Is there anyway to get the html code rendered by Ext engine in displaying a component.

    Thanks in advance.
  22. Thanks man its working..
  23. Thanks man... its working..
  24. Hi

    I am using row expander in my grid. by default i want few of my rows to be expanded.
    in previous versions of ext i found something like this.

    var expander = grid.plugins;
    for(i = 0; i...
  25. Its working..!!
    Thanks skirtle :)
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