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  1. Hi ,I made app.js simple and loaded only initial files required to launch the application and in view/controllers required files are loaded as and when required. This reduced the load iOS 8 and...
  2. Hi All,

    The issue is resolved and it seems iOS8 is having issues with asynchronous loading of JavaScript.
    As I'm having more file's of JavaScript which I haven't used Sencha Command tool for...
  3. Hi ,

    We have been using Sencha Touch for more than 3 years and keep upgrading Sencha Touch versions for Mobile.
    Until Sencha Touch 2.3.x we don't see any issues and supported until iOS 7.0
  4. Hi Slemmon,

    Could you please help me alos where I can download Ext 4.2.1 released version?
    I don't see it available here

  5. Excellent slemmon !!! It works with 4.2.1 beta version.

  6. Hi slemmon,

    I m using Sencha Architect tool , Ext JS version 4.2 only. Below I have paste code snippets.

    1) Form Items having Add and Clear fields functions . First item comes delete button...
  7. Hi Slemmon,

    Still I see same issues , form->monitor is still having deleted items and keys.

  8. Thanks Merlina.

    As mentioned , form is still having deleted item keys .
    So when I read getFieldValues() , all the keys are retrieved. I expect that deleted item keys should also be flushed out...
  9. Hi ,

    Basically , I m building form panel having items as Field container . Every Field container is having items and delete operation.

    When I perform delete operation on Form panel , simply I...
  10. Hi ,

    I could resolve the problem by below changes:
    1) Change my JSON response with dynamic columns in a string to a Model field (template)
    2) on ListView refresh event , read the store and read...
  11. Thanks mitchellsimoens for response.

    I haven't tried with field collection but criteria is like this.

    I have meta model:

    "responseData" : {
    "inbox" : {
    "metadata" : [
  12. Hi ,

    I m a new bee to Sencha Touch 2, we are developing Sencha Touch Applications. I need suggestion from experts in below scenario:
    1) I have static model defined with some fields
    2) I have...
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