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  1. I'm using the select event.
  2. I have an ExtJs 4 application that has 3 views on a webpage:
    * Search Criteria
    * Search Results
    * Secondary(?) Results
    User enters search criteria and clicks Find pushbutton. Search Results grid...
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    And your solution(4) works great for a plain json store without grouping! I didn't know that the filterBy() need to go go INSIDE the load(). It actually works in that location :D.

    Thanks very much...
  4. Being quite new to Sencha, I have no doubt that I don't fully understand the abilities of Ext. :">

    That said, if Ext is a JavaScript object isn't it sending requests to browser not server? As I...
  5. Initially, it didn't exist. I expected the code in the tutotial would cause the file to be created if it didn't exist. The file wasn't created. I tried creating an empty file, but that didn't help.
  6. Hi Evan,
    Yep, that was it. Both the controller AND the store have to point to the same model.

  7. Evan,
    Thanks for your reply. Based on your reply, I did the following:
    1. I changed controller file to ... models: ['mdlUser'] ... , did a copy/paste of mdlUser string, renamed model file using...
  8. I've gone through the MVC tutorial using its naming conventions; however, that results in 3 files named "User.js". MS VisualStudio shows only the name.extension in each file's tab. You have to hover...
  9. I had previously added ".json" to IIS' MIME types as "application/json", which allowed me to read a ".json" file. Did you mean to add as "application/javascript" rather than "application/json"?
  10. I'm in process of going through the MVC tutorial.

    The first problem I had was not being able to read the users.json file. It was an IIS MIME issue. I'd recommend adding "how to" information to the...
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