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    One way of cludging it without changing the library itself is to have an ext-fix.js file which is included after the library include. This enables you to add things like:

  2. Thanks Condor, that works.

    However, I thought the column model handled the wrapping in an editor part. Perhaps the documentation needs changing. Currently it says it expects an Ext.form.Field....
  3. This is probably more of a feature request than a bug, but thought I would gauge opinion.

    I have a complex app, which provides a number of different ways of editing the same data (through...
  4. Point taken, however, I was hoping to keep the query string clean as being purely the user typed entry, rather than having to hack in the baseParams to the query. Elsewhere in my app I try to use the...
  5. I have an app which uses an EditorGripPanel with some combo boxes, starting off with two dependent fields, Type and Factor. Each one uses a combo, the Factor combo uses a beforequery event to set...
  6. In Ext 2.1:

    According to the docs, you can specify a css member for the column model spec. This is not however honoured by the GridView.

    The following fixes provide a dirty hack work around:
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    I'm getting the same thing from the DatePicker control formatting to month.

    var val = item.getValue();
    ds.baseParams['year'] = val.format('Y');
    ds.baseParams['month'] = val.format('m');
  8. Actually, the code I sniped was just the content of one tab, so it was more like:
    tab.add('location'); which caused the problem.
  9. Thanks Jack, wasn't sure if it was some fancy regex optimisation in Ext's Dom stuff, or if it was a firefox bug. I'll try and track down exactly where it's going wrong and report it to them instead.
  10. Firstly, apologies - I've only tested this in FF2.

    I have the following as a tab.

    <div id="location" class="tab-content">
    <div id="inner1" class="panel">
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    Has anyone seen anything like this before?
    I'm using a rowselect event on one grid to update the contents of another grid by changing the baseParams behind the second grid's data store.

  12. Is JS Builder likely to be Open Sourced? It would be great to get hold of a copy so I can look into making it work under the Mono framework, and letting us Unix geeks have a go.

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