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  1. Thanks fyr earlier reply.This is the updated requirement which i got.

    Step 1

    I have a Fileupload control inside a Form panel control.Upload the file to a server location.This is done without...
  2. I need to show or hide a gridpanel on submission of the Fileupload control.Also i need to populate the gridpanel with the datastore once i render it.Kindly help me in this regard.
  3. How do we set the Permitted_extensions in the FileUpload? Is it permitted_extensions:["the extensions"].Could you please clarify and Correct me if am wrong?
  4. Thanks fyr kind reply.So could you please let me know the links where i can find some samples or if u have any could you please post one.
  5. My question is should we write custom scripts to do the same functionality on the client.
  6. Ok let me clarify.Am using the FileUpload control from ExtJS.How should we post the file on to a physical location?Could you please explain me with a sample?
  7. Hi am a newbie to ExtJS.Am using the Fileupload.js.Could you please help me out with a sample of how to post data onto a physical location on the Client?After posting i need to call a webservice and...
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