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  1. Hi,

    I have used this code to get a datepicker field.

    case 'Date':
    console.log('date value: '+value);
    var dt = new Date(value);
    console.log('new date: '+dt);
  2. Hi,

    I am drawing a canvas in my app which draws a 64 bit image on the canvas. Its using Kinetic.js as a third party library for the same.

    The app worked fine in ios5, but the image is drawn...
  3. Hi,

    I have an application that runs only in landscape mode. It works fine in ios5. but when I load the app in ios6,

    the height returned by the viewport is 1024 instead of 748.

    Any idea how...
  4. For this the changes were required at the client side. I added
    headers: {

  5. When the launch the app I call a webservice for the login:

    //getConfiguration data (user name, password and domain).
    var username = '';
    var password = '';
  6. hi.. Can you help me?
  7. Hi,

    I have created an app which makes webservice calls to get the data, the xml data received is stored in the stores and retrived accordingly. The app works fine in ios5. But with ios6, the...
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    But it gives me a textpad on the device when I tap on the text field. How do I get the number pad to come and the number to be displayed without any thousand separator?
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    I am facing the same issue and would like to know if anyone has solved the issue yet.
  10. Thanks a lot. Seems to be working.
  11. Well, i am using Sencha framework for all the events as such. I haven handled anything through Phonegap.
    I am not sure if I can handle a sencha event through phonegap. Can I?
  12. Yes it is. I am integrating my application with Phonegap.
  13. Can someone please take a look at this?
  14. Hi,

    I am creating a page with 2 panel. Right Panel and Left panel. I am calling webservices to get the content on the right panel and updating it on the left panel.When i delete a content from the...
  15. Hi,

    I am creating an IOS application using Sencha. I need to fire an event when my application is resumed.

    but the

    resume: function(){
    console.log('resume called');
    function is never...
  16. Thanks a ton. Solved my issue as well.
  17. Hey, i changed the "setdata" to "data" and got it working with the dummy data. But i was trying to load my list with a json data. The code that i have used is:

  18. I used a storeId to call store and finally i saw an HTML content on my list. However, the data that i am trying to retrieve from the users.json file is still not coming onto the panel.

  19. Inserting the code in the config did not help. The list still displayed an empty panel how so ever. What else could be going wrong with the method i implemented to populate the list using MVC.

  20. I have defined the model property and i still get the error that says
    "Unless you define your model through metadata, a store needs to have a model defined on either itself or on its proxy".

  21. After trying for hours, am not able to get a simple code run using MVC to populate a list using store.

    The code for the person list is

    { xtype : 'list', store :...
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    Hello Team,

    I took the latest sqlite proxy code from github. After 3 days, I finally figured out how to remove the errors from the code and get it running to the previous state.

    But the...
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    Hello Team,

    I am trying to use the Sqllite proxy for Sencha Touch. I got the latest code from the github.

    Not knowing what exactly has to be done with it, cause am very new to Sencha touch and...
  24. Hello everyone,

    I am trying to use the proxy mentioned in the github, but am facing issues. I get an error message that says "getIDProperty of undefined". What am i missing in the code?

  25. extlocale is an id which loads app.js based on the browser language. App.js is loaded successfully for login.js but its not accessible for the next js file.
    however, if i insert app.js right before...
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