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    API Documentation doesn't load at all for me on Safari 5.0.5 (Mac OSX 10.6.8)..

    I get the following errors in my console...
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    I replied to your post on stackoverflow, but just incase you don't see it:

    You cannot use autoExpandColumn if forceFit = true is set in your viewConfig
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    I'm gonna guess that the ExtJS team have IE9 compatibility in mind.

    But what about ExtJS 3.0 support as well? Will there be and update to 3.3 to add in IE9 support?
  4. Post your code in the proper tags, I took the liberty of doing so...

    grid = new Ext.grid.GridPanel({
    el: 'document-grid',
    id: 'document-grid',
    height: 422,
    autoWidth: true,...
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    spoken like a true manager...
  6. The most expensive process in ExtJS is the rendering, so I wouldn't place too much importance on whether extending components has a negative impact on user experience.

    ExtJS is held back by poor...
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    It does allow it ;) mouse over the area underneath the user's name on their post and at the bottom there is a black star, click that
  8. Yeah, I was a little surprised to see that Security even came up for a client-side framework. In my opinion, security is never a motivating factor for a client-side framework as this is all taken...
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    ^^ This is what I was on about, just saying that ideally this should be native functionality for ExtJS.
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    This is something I've had an issue with for a while, there is no easy way to validate this way easily without actually submitting the form and returning the errors to the client (which can be...
  11. Yeah if you could move it that would be great. Its just a little confusing looking at the API docs, I've previously always used expand() and that's obviously wrong.
  12. This makes sense looking at the code, but why is expand() a public method in the API?
  13. I was just wondering why in the expand method on an Ext.form.ComboBox there is a check to ensure the combo has focus before actually expanding...

    expand : function(){
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    What browser are you using? Ext 2.0+ isn't compatible with IE8 as far as I know.

    You're better off using Ext 3.0+
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    Thanks, I finally resolved this issue though.

    It was caused by this statement when the application viewport was being initialised from some legacy code:

    document.innerHTML = '';

    It was...
  16. you can always add a panel with "layout: 'column' " in the config and add your fields in two separate child panels with "layout: 'form' "as necessary...

    have a look in the documentation for layout...
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    I know this is unrelated, but why are you using jQuery to post a request when you're using the Ext library?

    Surely only one is needed.
  18. That means its either your browser or, more likely the server that is closing the connection after an hour like VinylFox said.

    It depends on the information you're processing, but personally I...
  19. If your data takes over an hour to process - fine.

    But Ajax isn't the solution you need.
  20. The better question here is why are you doing this?

    What type of data are you requesting that takes an hour or more to process and serve?
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    I don't think you're going to get far with that attitude, this is the Open Discussion forum, so if you need help then you post in the Ext Help forum

    you need use a store to load data into your...
  22. I think a CardLayout would be your best option. This can provide you with the wizard style process, and at each stage you just need to verify that all the necessary fields have been completed before...
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    Are you saying you want to change the label separator? Or do you want to have just plain text/link instead of the textfield?
  24. Is he stupid? No disrespect, I know it can be a headache upgrading your framework but to say there are no benefits just shows how little he knows.

    If your users are using IE, then improved memory...
  25. I thought we had an application that would forever be on Ext2.1 as it had that many overrides in the source code to fix problems with Ext, however we upgraded last week and only spent 8 hours on the...
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