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    I have recently come to a problem that would normally require multiple inheritance. I had to create to distinct classes, that share the same functionality ('getting dirty', saving, reporting save...
  2. The loadRecord function can find fields by itemId as well as by id and name. However it's only true for fields that can be found by "BasicForm.get()", so it doesn't work for parts of CompositeField....
  3. This would be a nice approach. However examples like this: teach to use the 'recordType' constructor and insert.
  4. Ok. But if change isn't done, there should be a big fat warning in the documentation of 'create' a and 'recordType'. I spent several hours hunting this bug :)
  5. Thanks for your reply. My fix was much uglier. But still I believe that the 'recordType' constructor should do it by itself to avoid confusion.
  6. Hello! I had a strange bug in my application lately. I have created a minimal test-case to show this. Here is the script

    var Ext, ED;
    Ext.ns('ED', 'Ext.ux.renderer');
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    Hello. I have noticed an undocumented serious change in DataWriter. The render method no longer accepts 'action' as its argument. This change caused a serious failure of my custom writer which...
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    The doc links to nonexistent class, while it should (I think) to
  9. Hello!

    I have already used ComboBox in EditorGrid (using the ComboRenderer), so I know the basics, but all the examples I have seen so far showed one ComboBox configuration per column. The task I...
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    Did you set forceFit or autoFill property of the GridView? Post a test case.
  11. Hello. I am trying to create a search field for my application. It should give some hints to the user, but generally should allow to enter anything he wants into it. I also want it to work when user...
  12. I believe this is it. A pity I don't have a subscription, so I could check this out. But if this patch allows to create a dot-separated idProperty in JsonReader and the server response is handled...
  13. Ext version tested:
    Ext 3.0.0Adapter used:
    prototypeBrowser versions tested against:
    FF3 (firebug 1.3.3 installed)Operating System:
    Ubuntu JauntyDescription:
    I really...
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