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  1. How does one go about getting the exact layout/style of a tab bar button outside of a tabbar and then scale it bigger? basically i want a bunch of square buttons that have the icon on top of the...
  2. How would we go about fixing ST 2.2 to correctly identify IE11 then?
  3. With the full version of 8.1 and IE11 out now, our app through the URL version, seems to display fine, but no tap actions work at all, or scrolling etc.

    This app is in 2.2.1, not 2.3

  4. Tap in compiled mobile apps as well as through mobile browsers are no longer working for me either in 2.2, worked fine in 2.1
  5. I have been trying to tackle a display issue under only IE10.
    Tab from a tab panel using the OptimizedTab plugin

    id: 'locator-tab-findtech',
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    Is anyone seeing issues with directional sorting in the latest ST2.2.1 and Ux.Touch.Grid 2.2. Seems i can only sort one direction. Works fine under ST2.1

    Grouping is on if that makes a...
  7. So it appears that it is due to the !important on the background color of the "odd" item classes that produce the striping. There is not a !important tag on the selected item class so it will not...
  8. Any news on the fix yet?
  9. The selected list item under the grey stripe color does not get the pressed color, only the border changes to that color. The background remains the same, while the text turns to the appropriate...
  10. Can we get a sencha team member to respond to this with the NEW 2.2.1 way of overriding the disclosure icon in SASS?
  11. Still times out in windows desktop chrome. I compared code line by line, and used your code exactly. I get nothing from your code unless i set the timeout to 30 seconds, then i get that from the...
  12. Started yesterday with returning a 404 error. Today it just triggers the timeout threshold (20s right now) that I have set. Any one else experiencing issues with it?
  13. Yes, that is the jist of it. For reason i probably don't need to go into, one field of the store is holding an object, not just a value. This object contains the value, color, and name of a sub...
  14. Is it possible to align the sorting feature to a different dataIndex than the column is defined?
  15. I was able to make progress, but could not get it to work when the item was a touchgridpanel. I would get the header row, but no rows in the grid based on the store, the store had the correct data,...
  16. If you could point me in that direction, it would help!

  17. Is the component compatible with 2.1?
  18. Well I'm not sure what else could make it not work when floating on top of another tabpanel, with the active card being a bing map....still no luck. How much more in depth support would I get with...
  19. Hello,

    We've been banging our heads on this for what seems like weeks now off and on, so any insight would be greatly appreciated. The html in the 1st item will not scroll no matter what...
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    Hi Mitchell, I'm having the hardest time getting sort to work correctly. Would there be any issues that haven't been documented yet with using it inside a card layout in 2.1?
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