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    Sencha app is too slow on IOS and Android

    Hello ,

    i have written a somewhat small application , yet it runs very slowly on IOS and Android devices , it seems to me that the device takes much time to render the GUI.

    i made sure to...
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    Listeners only work once

    i am having a problem with my application , suppose there is a listener on a button in a certain panel , the listener works fine and the event gets fired in the first time. However , if i revisit...
  3. Display the ItemDisclosure arrow vertically aligned center

    Hello ,

    I want to make the ItemDisclosure arrow to be displayed vertically aligned in the center not in the bottom of the list item.

    How can i achieve this?
  4. Popped View still loads when taping the Back button in Navigation View

    Hello ,

    i want to hide a view i am using by popping it from stack , and loading another view , the added view will be the only item in stack after popping the previous one , however , the Back...
  5. Delete an item in a list permanently from JSON file

    Hello ,

    i am trying to delete an item list when the user taps on a delete button.

    i delete the item from the store and the item is successfully deleted from the list , However, when i re-run...
  6. Using Both onItemDiscolsure and Itemtap events in the same List.

    Hello all,

    I am trying to make my list respond to onItemDiscolsure event and Itemtap at the same time , each event is handled differently.

    Yet i only see the onItemTap that works.

    This is...
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