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  1. Sorry for the confusion

    I am sorry for the confusion. I found the problem. Seems that the method should be assigned in a different way.

    According to the guy here, the way I chose makes javascript see the assigned method...
  2. I'd like to add some details to what I described...

    I'd like to add some details to what I described above.

    The described behaviour only applies to browser mode.

    In hosted mode I get an error instead:...
  3. JSNI/GXT problem: this$static.items is undefined

    I came around some very odd JSNI/GXT problem. I tried for hours to wrap some os-file-uploader project into gxt and failed. Explaining what I had to do might be confusing. Only so much: I tried to...
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    I finally found an answer to my problems: ...

    I finally found an answer to my problems:

    There are a few free open source rich text editors which can be used. Here an example how to integrate tinyMCE in GWT....
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    Using styles in HTMLEditor


    I'd like to use the HTMLeditor. However, currently there seem to be features missing which seem to be important to me:
    - The editor does not use the stylesheets of the page in what it is...
  6. THANKS !!!!

    THANKS !!!!
  7. Adding content to a container after it was rendered


    I try to write a simple website using GXT. It should have a top horizontal menu in one rowlayout-container, below there should be a second row layout container with the actual content....
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