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  1. I would recommend upgrading to 4.2.3 and see if this still exists.

    It would also be helpful to get a small test case if possible when reporting bugs. You can use our online fiddle....
  2. Try it using a web server instead. It is easy to setup one using xampp, wamp or IIS on your windows box.
  3. What is the URL that you are specifying? Cross domain issue?
    Are you using a web server to load example? ( http:// vs file:// )
  4. I do not see any other at this time. I will have look around to see if something else is floating around.
  5. Try this link:
  6. It is usually better to paste the code or user our fiddle to create a test case:
  7. Do you see any errors in the console on the published site?

    Is the published side condensed / minified?
    Are you using Cmd?

    You mention that you are using fiddler, does that mean you are...
  8. Typos will bite you when you least expect ;)
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    The fact that you are shoving thousands of records in to your grid on an short interval is going to cause delays, simple.

    I am scratching my head as to why you chose ( or are forced to use ) this...
  10. Where is your code?

    Have you tried adding align to your column config?

    align : 'right',
  11. Please see if the following thread helps:

    Also note we have our own fiddle:

  12. I was able to duplicate this. Bug has been linked to this report.
  13. Does it work if you build as testing?

    sencha app build testing

    Any warnings/errors in the console in dev mode or testing build?
    Missing requires perhaps?
  14. Ext4 was not designed to work with mobile device, but it will run in many cases.

    You would need to upgrade to Ext5 to have it supported.
  15. Perhaps a triggerfield to create the -/+ buttons instead?
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    You can use convert to create a calculated field value:!/api/
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    You could use:

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    You would need to copy the existing images from the theme you created from to the new theme image DIR.
    They are not going to be referenced.
  19. For anyone to help, we need more details. Can this this be seen on any of our examples? Please provide the steps..
  20. After discussion, we decided to create a feature request to get this corrected. ( EXTJS-16706 )

    The thought is to setup a config to set options as zero, gap, connector .. where connector would...
  21. It would help to see some code. Here is a quick example and it seems fine:

    Tested in fiddle, select framework version:

    - Alabama is default
    - Entered texted in...
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    Some code would be helpful. Perhaps a slight delay, .focus(10,'');
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    Try adding to focus selected row. This has indeed changed for Ext5.

  24. For Ext5, You could use the tabBar config:

    Ext.create('Ext.container.Viewport', {
    layout: 'fit',
    items: [{
    xtype: 'tabpanel',
    tabBar: {
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    The syntax has changed from Ext4/Ext5 a bit. Here is a old php example from a while back that should help.

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