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  1. I just want to let you guys know that me and the company I work for have given up on Sencha getting anything fixed in any usable time frame. We are moving on, and I will no longer be advocating for...
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    It's a simple case of not going down the traditional IE path for IE9 and never. This is the bugfix:


    * Set the opacity of the...
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    I have ported my patch to Ext JS 4.1.0-b1:
  4. you aren't reading what I'm writing at all. I don't acre about the syntax at all, I care about the content. Maybe this coloring will make things more clear to you:

    @@ -265,8 +252,8 @@...
  5. Documenting boolean values to mean the opposite of what happens in the code is not a feature. It's a bug.
  6. I think you are misunderstanding. The above code snippet is a copy paste from the diff between 4.0.7 and 4.1.0-b1

    The documentation is clearly wrong.
  7. It seems that the documentation for Ext.selection.Model has inverted the suppressEvent boolean without the code being changed to match in the select and deselect methods.

    Inverting the behavior of...
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    I have developed a patch to solve this and other problems with the selection model.

    The patched Ext Js 4.0.7 is available on the selectionmodel branch here:...
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    I can confirm this bug.

    Multiselection with shift and control seem quite broken in general.

    I am working in a bugfix that will change the behavior to the MacOS Finder selection model behavior...
  10. My patch was supposed to mark parent records of inner associations as dirty when the inner record is marked dirty.

    If it doesn't do so now I have clearly made a mistake in either my patch or while...
  11. The last of the commits had a conflict. It seems there has been added some more state maintenance at a place where I changed something. I only had 10 minutes to apply my patches, so I just made a...
  12. I've updated the patch to Ext JS 4.0.2:
  13. Installing Couch locally or on a vserver would be no problem for me.
    We are aiming at a setup that follows the PoCo specification to the letter though. So we need a middleware stack that can do...
  14. I hope so as well. It just needs a lot of rigorous testing I guess, and I don't have access to the Sencha unit tests if there are any.

    We are still on the fence on that one. It's probably...
  15. I just added a README and cleaned up the repo a bit:
  16. I have pushed a new git project to Github, which cotnains all you need to get a test running.
    If you clone this with --recursive it will pull in my patched Ext...
  17. I've just ported the patch to ExtJS 4.0.0.

    It is available here:

    It should have the same functionality as the old patch.

    I must say...
  18. Since I got cut off by Ext JS 4.0.0 being released I started porting the patch for that.

    However it seems that the concept of marking stuff dirty or not has gotten a lot more complex in this...
  19. You are right. Actually I did this in the Sencha Touch patch, but couldn't spot that issue when I ported it to ExtJS 4, so I decided to leave that out, since a smaller change set is easier to read,...
  20. I have updated the patch for Ext JS 4 beta 3:
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    I just checked, and I am actually setting compatibility to IE7 mode.

    With the http header

  22. Finally I made the time to port the patch.

    Functionality should be the same as described in my original post, allthough I haven't had time to put it through intense testing yet.

    I have checked...
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    Extensive testing in a commercial environment has shown the opposite for an application I have in production. So I guess it depends on what subset of Ext you are using.
  24. Luckily one of my colleagues saw it as a challenge and started reverse engineering the order of the source file includes based on the built ext-all.js bundles.

    This is the result:...
  25. I tried the above .jsb2-file with my build system which got me the following javascript includes:

    This in turn gives me all of...
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