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    he is right why not just use a card layout...

    but if you still wanna use the navigation view without the back button, this is what i would do:
    in your navigationview set the navigationBar...
  2. Sencha already comes with an apple(ios), android and blackberry css file, this files are located in:


    And to load the css in your proyect you need to modify...
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    to embed a video you use de embed code from youtube, you can do something like this, using the html property.

    Ext.create('Ext.Panel', {
    html: '<iframe width="560" height="315"...
  4. something similar is happening to me, the video just fit the full width of the screen but not the height, i used 100% for the width and auto for the height but is not working, did you solved your...
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    am trying to play a video from youtube in my app, the thing is that am not sure how to do this, i have searched and i think there is no way to use the video component to do what am trying. here is...
  6. Sorry but how can i know that??, i just finish The project that i want to compile all the files a "new"
    I runed in iOS simulador and it runs well...
  7. am trying to compile my app native for ios so i type on mi console

    sencha app build native

    it does some thing but ends up with this error

    The application was succuesully packaged
    failed to...
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    hi there...
    i was wandering if someone can tell me how can i sent some paramas to my server... i used to do this in Extjs 3 with this:'records',this.text.getValue());...
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