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  1. Ext JS has a nice collapsing animation for the ContentPanel and GXT 3.1 is supposed to have one too (It's on the code) but i can't see nothing when collapsing... ¿I'm missing something ?
  2. Daniel, ¿did you get any fix or workaround for this issue?
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    Thanks. It is fixed for me too.
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    I'm experimenting it too following Colin's steps. I'm on firefox 26 and with 125% DPI on Windows 7
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    A migration tips were released:
  6. I also experiment this header expansion with the zoom on chrome. But i can't get this happens in Explorer Demo. :-/

    GXT 3.0.6
    Chrome 29 now but is NOT working well since many moths ago.
  7. 1. Browse with Chrome to

    2. Start editing a field of the table.

    3. Clicking on the empty area of the grid doesn't force...
  8. Hi,

    The 3.0.1 release is not fixing this bug and can be experienced in Explorer Demo:

    Use Google Chrome and edit one field. The...
  9. Hi, I'm working well with both version at same time on my projects.
  10. Hi Wesley,

    The bug is persisting with 3.0.0b. This is the testcase.

    Using Chrome19. Once editing the column you can't exit edit mode clicking in the empty space of the grid.

    public class...
  11. GXT 3.0.0 and Google Chrome.

    You must click outside yellow area to stop editing the inline field.

    Sorry for the poor bug report but is easy to test.
  12. being a reference sure javadoc is confusing. I just want to make clear this detail.
  13. of course, the store size after a clear should be zero. Be what about the size of the returned list before the store.clear() ?

    I think u are missing something.
  14. gishmo, nobody says that store.clear() should not remove the items in the store. But should it remove the items of the list returned by store.getAll() ??
  15. Javadocs seems to say that is indeed a copy.
  16. I think this issue smells like a bug.

    package local.test.client;

    import java.util.List;

  17. The row's height is higher than usual.

    package es.inaer.taller.client;

    import java.util.ArrayList;

  18. Only when using a custom Cell and the string to render is empty.

    package es.xxxx.taller.client;

    import java.util.ArrayList;

  19. Hi, considering this sample code. The isDirty() remains false when a cell data is modified or a new row is added to the grid. Why ? How to return true dirty state when the user modifies the list...
  20. Hi Marc,

    In development mode the date is parsed using this code from

    public static Date tryParseDate(String date) {
  21. Hi Colin,

    I enjoyed the conference. I have a few questions :-D

    Considering this working test case:

    1º personDriver.isDirty() is false when some row is added or...
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    Many thanks Colin for commit this refactor. The application code now is more clean. =D>
  23. Its fixed for me with GXT 3 RC.
  24. Thanks Wesley, the issue is fixed for me now. You made a smart code refactor.
  25. Hi,

    It is posibble to get the full source code of the recipe editor showed at Ext GWT 3.0 Data Binding and Editors conference ??
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