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    Been awhile since I've played with it but came across the same issue. Seems the browser "optimizes" itself by ignoring key events when it doesn't think a keyboard should be present :\. I was mainly...
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    Clear Icon doesn't show up for 2.3 file field when a file is selected.

    Need to click "Choose File" then cancel out of dialog to clear the value.
  3. We've written an app that users keep open pretty much all the time on their phones or tablets. The issue arises when we need to push out an update that the users need to apply to for bug fixes and...
  4. No luck for me in 2.1 either and don't see anything in the source when I step through it that'd accomplish this.
  5. Bit slow going to 2.1 but this wasted an hour of my time too :\

    A console message would be nice to let people know of this issue would've been nice.
  6. I'm no expert but that's pretty big for a sencha app. We've run into some of the same types of issues with clients wanting way more info that should be available on a mobile in there.

    We ended up...
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    Was wondering that myself. Hopefully means not beta soon rather than completely pulled.
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    If you want random items, you could just pick a random index up to the count of the items in the store and use store.getAt(index). Have to keep track of the indexes already returned and make sure...
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