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  1. FWIW, my "solution" was to create a callback handler for the store's load() and call the model's setDirty() before inserting it into the store.
  2. You overwrote the idProperty in the model before adding to the store?
  3. You said: "You shouldn't use Ext.create outside the launch method". Am I safe in assuming this is a way of saying not to use it until the launch method has fired, to avoid potential race conditions?...
  4. I have a lot of this going on in my applications:

    PostListViewMediator.prototype.createNestedList = function() {
    var store = Ext.StoreMgr.lookup('postStore');
    var main =...
  5. Very helpful, thanks.
  6. Why isn't my nested list showing?

    Thanks in advance!

    var data = {
    text: 'Groceries',
    items: [{
    text: 'Drinks',
  7. Thanks for posting this thread. Uninstall and reinstall of 3.1.1 fixed the issue, and doesn't break Touch theming.
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    I'm using YUICompressor and ANT to recursively minify my JavaScript:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <project name="ExtJSBoilerplate" basedir=".">
  9. I was unable to get this to work :( Panel background image with Compass SASS was a non-starter.
  10. I'm trying to add a background image to a Panel, with no luck.

    My config.fb:

    dir = File.dirname(__FILE__)
  11. I see, you have to add them to the proxy. Thanks!


    store.getProxy().extraParams.getall = true;
    store.getProxy().extraParams.profile = true;
  12. My PagingToolBar isn't sending the parameters I specify in my store.

    When my application loads, I'm fetching records from my services.

    PostProxy.prototype.getPosts = function() {
  13. SCSS newb here. How would one overwrite something like this (in _list.scss) in our proprietary SCSS?

    .x-list-item {
    // overflow: hidden;
    position: relative;
    color: $list-color;
  14. Duh, I was including my sheet before Sencha's. :s
  15. I'm changing my SCSS, compiling and sending the altered CSS file up to my server, but the default theme is always present.

    My config:

    dir = File.dirname(__FILE__)
  16. I had Ruby installed, but it was limited to Aptana configs. I installed Ruby via, restarted, and ran the following commands:

    gem install haml
    gem install compass
  17. When I run compass commands from the shell, it's not recognized. Is there a preliminary step (I assume there is)? Aptana snippets are in Ruby, so I already have Ruby installed.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I'm having this same problem. Spooky.
  19. Sort of. I'm passing the record from a view, finding its storeId and looking up the store based on that. Than I'm saving the correct store.

    Problem is, I don't feel like I should be using two...
  20. I have multiple stores using the same model. This is because one of them contains search results, and another contains a regular record set.

    You can click on a search result and it populates a...
  21. Yeah:

    Ext.define('Story', {
    idProperty: 'entry_id',
  22. I'm doing a save:

    StoryProxy.prototype.updateStory = function(record) {
    this.previousStory = this.currentStory;
  23. When I save a store, a URL variable called "records" is screwing up the get. How do I remove this variable? I don't want to parse it out on the server.
  24. Thanks for the quick reply :)
  25. I'm using a JSONP proxy with a JSON writer, but want to post my updated records when I sync the store. Do I have to assign a new proxy to the store to post?

    Thanks in advance!
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