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    Hi Jack,
    I am using yui basic dialog and on clicking complete button each time my dialog moves up. How can i fix this prob? Plz help...

    this is my code

    //var flagForSave = 0; //This...
  2. Hi,
    I am facing a problem that at each click to complete button my doalig moves up. This is my code.
    Plz help ........:(

    //var flagForSave = 0; //This variable is used as indication whether...
  3. Hi Jack,
    [FONT=Arial] My yui menu is in the north section of yui layout but when it opens and if I move my mouse to the center in the layout the menu doesn
  4. Thanks Jack ur replies are cool. I started with yui but now use more of ext-js libraries. Thanks to ur help in this post. Keep u the good work. Thank u.
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