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    Hello All,

    I am working on ExtJS Grid, where I am pulling Salesforce data into a VF page.

    I was successful in pulling the data.

    I have a button on VF page to apply some filters to that...
  2. I want to use store inside a store.

    how can I use it?
  3. I am trying to display EXT JS with Row Expander plugin in a Visual Force page.Check this link per the link, I am successful in displaying...
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I am not asking about Google Maps.

    How to use Maps Collection or how to store data in a store.

    For Ex:
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    Can I build a wrapper in Extjs?

    I am presently working with Salesforce.

    I have all the required data in wrapper class. How do I build the data?

    Also, let me know if we can use Maps in...
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    Hi folks,

    I have a grid with different columns and different headers.

    I want to fire a on click event on header.

    Presently I am using this code.

    var cols = [
    {id : 'name', header:...
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    Hi guys,

    I am trying to drag and drop between two grids. i am successful in doing this.

    But I need to update the record based on the grid it has been dragged.

    I am fetching data from...
  8. How can I get row Editor functionality for a single column in grid?

    I am using Extjs 3.0.0.

    Can any one guide me?
  9. Thanks for your quick response.

    I am a newbie..

    I dont know the formatting..
  10. Team,

    Please help me out..
    I am getting Cannot Read property 'Data' of undefined.

    I have 3 grids in my Page.

    First Grid: I will list all the requirements based on Selected Phase in 3rd...
  11. I am using extjs 3.0, but the example in the link is Extjs 4.0..

    I dont know what to do. Please guide me...
  12. Team, I want the records in the grid to be dragged up and down..

    Here, is my code:

    var myData = {
    records : [
  13. Team,

    I have two grids , in which one of the grid contains data loaded from db.

    On Cell click, I want to get the selected values of first grid and query them and display the result in second...
  14. Hi,
    I have developed drag&drop functionaliy in is working in Googlechrom only.But it is not working in IE,FireFox browsers.Can you help me please.

    Charan Vuyyuru
  15. I know that it should be done on Select Event...

    But, I want an perfect Example to display data based in second grid based on first grid record selection...

    Can you just give me or else guide...
  16. Hi everyone!!

    I have two grids getting data in my Div.

    In one of my grid I am displaying data from my

    when I select a record in this grid, it should populate it's related records...
  17. Thanx for your quick reply buddy!!

    I am using this... where am I going wrong. Please correct me.

    // Generic fields array to use in both store defs.
    var fields = [
  18. Can any one help me out in solving this?

    I have a grid with list of elements which are draggable and droppable to another grid.

    In Addition to this, I want the same grid elements to be dragged...
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