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    I'm using Ext GWT 1.1 alpha 2

    When I run in hosted mode or in IE, the grid font are larger than when I run in Firefox. I don't think I have changed the default fonts on FireFox. Using FireBug...
  2. Please see for a description of the bug and associated code.

    - GXT version: 1.0.1
    - Happens in both Host mode and web mode
    - Firefox 5.0, IE 6.0
  3. I want to get called back when it changes, like in Swing, for example.

    So, if the user clicks on a radio button making the radio button selected with the black dot on it, and the user does not not...
  4. Hi,

    It seems that I am only getting the Radio button callbacks when focus is lost from the radio button that changed.

    Is this behavior correct?

    How can I get called back when the value...
  5. I'm getting a compiler internal exception from GWT when compiling using GXT.

    GXT version 1.0.1
    GWT version 1.5.0
    Compiling using Eclipse 3.4.0 using Cypal studio
    Windows XP

    My usage of...
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    Thanks, that did the trick.
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    Here is my <project>\src\com\mycompany\public\SearchIncident.html. This was autogenerated by "Cypal Studio for GWT", I believe.

    Thanks for your help.


    <!-- ...
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    I'm trying to do a simple hello, world application with a button that displays a dialog. I'm adapting the GWT example code to use Gxt. When I run the application and click the button, the...
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