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    Motorola Xoom tablet 3.0, great performance except for sliding page transitions. Fade is recommended.
  2. Hi Mitchell,

    In my opinion, what kevinwmerritt & sanjaysharma meant is that non-touch blackberry phone (bold, curve) also got OS6.0 capabilities. In fact, I have seen it loading much faster than...
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    I also tried few apps on the Xoom. Let's say that it slightly runs them a better when they are compiled.

    However, compiled or not, honeycomb (xoom) does not behave the same the android 2.2. or...
  4. Thanks for this code. I am having the same issue on an app that is scheduled to launch in 48 hours.

    What misled us to believe it was okay was that on Android tablets and on Android SDK Emulator,...
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