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  1. To be more specific, I need to be able to use a POST (vs. a GET) when requesting data for my store. I need to provide some JSON in the POST to specify exactly what I want (what I need to specify is...
  2. How do I specify the content of a json Ajax proxy POST?
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    I found the problem. I was specifying a convert function for the chart store to a variable with an undefined value in some cases. It worked fine in 4.1.0 rc3, but in 4.1 release, it did not work....
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    No, I haven't created an official bug report. I didn't take the time to do it yet because it would be time consuming to fully document my scenario because my configuration is complex - I have to...
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    I was hoping this release candidate would fix a problem with the charts I've seen in 4.1.1 rc1 (worked fine in 4.1.0 rc3), but it's still broken in 4.1.1 rc2. I'm seeing my chart data go off the...
  6. I'm using 4.1 beta2 and tried all these combinations of configs on my grid. They provide a scroll bar, but it doesn't actually allow you to scroll down:

  7. How do I make my grid scrollable vertically w/o specifying a fixed height?

    I want the grid to fill it's container, but still scroll. I want to the use the grid scroller instead of the...
  8. How do I create a column in a grid that contains static HTML, i.e. HTML that doesn't get stomped on each time the row model is updated? Specifically, I'd like to add an html span to a column for each...
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    Be sure to get rid of the comma after your

    fill: "#FFF",

    It won't work in IE.
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    The ComboBox 'select' event is showing the documentation for Picker which is not quite the same.

    I presume it's because the comment in ComboBox starts with a /* vs. a /**. See below:

  11. I need this too. Did you figure it out?
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    I'm seeing this too. Not sure if it was in 4.0.1, but I'm seeing it in 4.0.2.
  13. I have a panel containing a table layout with about 500 total numberfields, textfields, and comboboxes that takes a very long time to render (doLayout) in FireFox 3.6.12 (and earlier versions). ...
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