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  1. Any work around ExtJs people :((
  2. Any suggestion/help ?
  3. Hi guys,

    I'm trying to show selected radio button in edit mode of form, means I'm able to save radio box's selected value in database but can't able to show it back on form.
    my code is :

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    Really nice post.
    Any one know how to apply dynamic value from xmlreader into lable. my code is here
  5. In above code I'm not sure how to read variable for xtype:label.
  6. I'm trying with following code.

    var testForm = new Ext.FormPanel({

    id: 'test',
    frame: true,
  7. I'm trying to read xmlreader's value into label, but don't know how to do it :-?
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    I'm rendering tree structure and it show perfactly, but the only problem is when user click on any open folder( - minus sign) than that folder remains open.
    But if user click on last folder...
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