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    xtype/alias is an anti-pattern since Ext.define exists. Now in Ext JS 5.x, it's better to use, which should handle the...
  2. have failed for different reasons over the years. The popular workaround I have used is to instead "recreate" the...
  3. Hi, I see 6.2 add a huge new calendar component. Anyway, this simple feature, that allow to reuse the Date picker with simple use case be implemented too?
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    If you disable locked column then it works fine.

    I'm not aware that cell wrap have ever worked perfectly with locked column. For example:...
  5. still not working in all releases, both 5.x latest and 6.x latest.
  6. Still not working in latest nightly build of 6.x.
  7. I would think Sencha Cmd has all the logic or almost all the logic to do static analysis and detect mismatch. Maybe Sencha could use that to do sanity check on the framework itself?
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    I did a lot of migrations and I think you would be better from 3.1 to 5.x latest.You could enable the 5.x migration mode, that will help just a little.You will have to rewrite lot of code maybe can...
  9. Version has lot of bugs, it makes more sense to use the latest release.
  10. I think that would help everyone if we can find existing components faster. I missed some cool calendar component like the following due to this problem:...
  11. Latest release note says this:
  12. Happen also with textbox, with Ext JS 5.1.1 release and Chrome 43.0.2357.65 m, see


    I think it would make sense that Sencha provide an emergency hot...
  13. The license is hard to understand.Sencha Cmd is not open source. If it would be I would have already fixed many bugs on it.What I'm sure, is that on 05/22/2015 I can read from Sencha Web site at:...
  14. The following works:


    But that involve introducing the concept of 'path'. I was fine with just dealing with just grid and model. Also path has this...
  15. I understand the api doc doesn't mention that but the code seems to indicate it's supposed to work with a record.

    Extract from:...
  16. Using, and updated to use 5.1.1 release, I get this ->


    If the goal is to reproduce instead of having the simpler...
  17. Using

    You can see that if you click button expandNode, well it may be expanding a hidden node, but that's not useful. It should have the option to expand...
  18. The animation doesn't work with the official Ext JS 5.1.1 examples in the API Doc:!/api/Ext.tree.Panel-cfg-animate

    That was working in,...
  19. This is still not fixed in 5.1.1 Release, here the video example:
  20. See

    When starting edit mode of the first column [Run Mode] and then start to move the vertical scroll bar using a mouse middle stroller, the edit mode still...
  21. Still happening with Ext JS 5.1.1 release!
  22. Looks like the sorting issue I have is related to custom code I have that is using store.fields. It has been working for a while but fail now in a new use case.
  23. It's strange the unit tests is not covering for this or that all examples are actually passing.
  24. I tried latest nightly build which after 5.1.1 release and it's still as bad than before -> Business == Grid == $$$ for Sencha
  25. Any chance to get grid to work anytime soon in 5.1.x ? Sencha just released 5.1.1 with a broken grid.After we scroll the alignment fix itself, so it seems some kind of workaround could exist.

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