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  1. Thanks. I confirm your alternative works. Regards.
  2. Hi all,

    using this code events are not firing.

    var x = Ext.create('Ext.draw.Component', {
    renderTo: Ext.getBody(),
    width: 200,
    height: 200
  3. Thanks a lot Chamacs, you're my hero!
  4. Hi,

    I'm try to layout a panel in a tabpanel so that it has 2 items, the first one with a height of 1/4 of the container, the second one with a height of 3/4.

    I was trying to use vbox layout...
  5. Hi,

    I've got a problem when opening up new windows if the "y" coordinate exceeds the browser height. In this case the viewport will scroll up, while I was expecting the new window to be put...
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    Yes, I have.

    As I wrote, the application starts fullscreen, but sometimes the address bar shows up again. I've got multiple views (each is a Container instances) shown at turn in the viewport, as...
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    the Android's address bar occasionally reappears even though we set autoMaximize to true. Is this a known issue? Is there a solution or workaround for it?

    I tried everything I could,...
  8. Thanks a lot! Now it works perfectly.
  9. Hello,

    I'm having problems with models and hasMany associations. Here is my schema (all models and store are registered in the app):

    Ext.define('FMSP.model.Product', {
  10. Thank you for the hint, but this is not what I wanted to achieve. I was trying to use an xtemplate at a list level (and not at an item level),so that I could introduce an html element...
  11. Hi,

    I'm not able to get the following code working. I'm getting 4 empty lines. Any hint?

    name: 'ListTest',
    launch: function() {
  12. Thank you.

  13. Thank you.

  14. I'm using Sencha Touch Beta 2. When i click on the arrow of a select field, its popup window is placed almost outside the visible space.

    After some testing, I've found out that that it's due to...
  15. Same behaviour with Beta 2
  16. i've tried it on an IPad, a Samsung Galaxy SII and Chrome 17 on Window and it fails everywhere. I am using the sencha-touch-all.js file taken from builds directory. Here is my index.html

  17. I'm using Sencha Touch Beta. I was trying to create a sippett of code for another problem (that i'll send later) while suddenly both selectfield and button stopped working.

    Is it a bug or am I ...
  18. Ok, I've sent the email with the ticket number.

    Also, now the link to version 1.1.1 in support portal is working and I was able to download it. Eager to have a look at it.

  19. Do not take this personally, but by asking me the ticket number you are:

    - exposing me to possible retortions;

    - implying that you have such a bad support that one has to write in a public...
  20. We payed for Sencha Touch support, we opened a ticket on August 27th, we received a first (NON) answer few days later, we explained again our issue on Septmber 2nd but we are still waiting for a...
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    The problem is that when you use a template to overwrite the body of the component, you do not get a built-in scroller by default (basically everything it cointains is really overwritten).

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    I've got a problem with scrolling.

    I've managed to reproduce the error in the following snippett. Basically, I've got:

    - an html page

    - a MasterPanel, with card layout, rendered to...
  23. Hello,

    I'm trying to manage different values for a ComboBox on each row of an EditorGrid.

    Basically, a column of the grid is a ComboBox whose selectable values are not statically defined at...
  24. Thanks for your hint.
    For what the code is concerned, posting the JavaScript code it's what I've done. I've placed the Java code at the bottom (few lines), only out of others curiosity (if any).
  25. Hello,

    I'd like to use the anchoring feature of EXT so that textfields placed in a container panel get resized whenever the container panel is resized.

    I understand that this behaviour is...
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