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    I modified History.js to set a default active tab when nothing is specified in the URL. However there is a bug. The history change event is being fired. So when you first load the page, you will...
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    albertyips has a thread (in the premium forum I can't respond to) where he mentioned he'd like to see Ext support bookmarking with it's Ext.History. I had the same need and hacked up the example to...
  3. Could you post some code? Or a link may even be better, so we can see the error.
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    Starred antimatter's link in post 31. You should too!
  5. Reminded me of Minority Report.

    Over the last couple years the whole back next button and history have felt insufficient for the hardcore web surfing I do. Back in the day it was good enough for...
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    Wouldn't it be cool if mkidder's code assist plugin could infer the the "Ext type" of a variable. The example below illustrates what I'd like to do.

    var el = Ext.get("some-div");...
  7. I am using el.load to load a file. In that there is JavaScript. Firebug can't debug the loaded JavaScript. I am betting someone else has had to deal with this problem. Does anyone have a...
  8. Did you make any changes to blank.html?

    When running your code in IE, there is an error when the blank.html page is loaded. There error is "parent.node.dhtmlhistory" is null or not an object.
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    Just tried it, firebug is giving an error of " Stars is Not defined".

    I expect the problem is I have two nested <tpl> tags. However I have seen it done in the examples. The only difference...
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    Is it possible to make a XTemplate contain a nested loop.

    Something like

    <tpl for="firstLoop">
    <tpl for="secondLoop">
  11. I would like QuickTips to continue to show when the mouse is moved over it. I don't think it is supported by the Ext framework (prove me wrong,autohide:false doesn't give the desired behavior). Has...
  12. Don't mean to be spamming the forums. I've just been putting of asking these questions.

    If you look at this page in IE you will see how the...
  13. I load up some html content dynamically using element.load(...). Inside the loaded content are tags <strong> and <blockquote> neither of them work after being loaded. Whats up with that?
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    Simple question, how can I change the color of the toolbar? I assume it has something to do with modifying a CSS file. Thought I'd ask before spending an hour blindly searching and testing to see...
  15. It's really weird. I use el.load(...) the spacing is no longer right along with random question marks being placed in. I've attached an image showing what I mean. Along with a link.

    link to...
  16. How would you identify if it was a bot. You said "eg user-agent", not sure what you mean.
  17. I am thinking about using the dynamic load feature. However my boss wants the pages to still be search able from google. Does anyone know if a dynamically loaded page gets crawled by google?
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