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  1. Hi,
    when i do a "removeAll" on DataList, the checked List (getChecked) isn't cleared.
  2. Ok,

    treeStore.getRecord(model).set("name", "a new name");

    works fine.
    Thank you
  3. Hi,
    I have something like that :

    ArrayList list = "list of Models";
    Tree tree = new Tree();
    TreeStore treeStore = new TreeStore();
    TreeBinder treeBinder = new TreeBinder(tree, store);...
  4. Hi,
    in my application, Window maximizable button don't work after hiding and showing the window.

    the error :

    [ERROR] Uncaught exception escaped
    java.lang.NullPointerException: null
  5. Hi,
    When i set a height to contentPanel, the bottom of the scrollbar and the last DataListItem are hidden. But when i set the height to the dataList, that's ok.
    Maybe layout don't take in mind the...
  6. Replies
    With MyGWT, to add a child to a tree, i had only to do model.add(child).
    But with GXT, it seems that's don't work.
    The "child" TreeItem is never showed.
    What's wrong with my code ?

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