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    Anybody using DeftJS promises/deferreds? how it compare, they implement the Promises/A spec.
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    This is an override of ComponentLoader to patch in XTemplate support with renderer:'tpl', you can load templates by URL or embedded in the page like knockout, etc. It also shows model binding that...
  3. I had a need to encrypt some data in localStorage. I cleaned up the code and built an example for it. The example uses a Notes MVC application and AES, SHA3 to encrypt the data.

    update: added...
  4. How is anybody uptaking 4.2 with a custom theme?
  5. ExtJS also supports this method of cross-origin resource sharing.
  6. Model can use any id field.

    Map it in the Model config with: idProperty: 'yourcustomfield'

    Ext version tested:
    Ext 4.0.x

    Browser versions tested against:

  8. I will gladly do some testing with 4.0.6.

    I'm in the process of building some demos on bugs we are experiencing with 4.0.5 to send to support.
  9. Yeah, was hoping that 4.0.5 was going to get rid of the "column.width restoring stateful grid errors", but it introduces the "can't resize columns with checkbox model" issue, which is just as bad in...
  10. Any updates on 4.0.6 release to solve these issues?
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