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  1. Sorry, I never actively used filters so I'm not very familiar. Spend some time debugging or re-reading the previous posts. Also look at the test code on github, it might help.
  2. I don't see anything obvious. Are you sure your store load is returning all 61 records and has a totalProperty?

    The fiddle shown in this post...
  3. Sorry, not sure. Sounds like it's time to do some debugging. Let me know what you find.

    Also note that I finally got the working w/Ext JS 4.2. Look at the latest on...
  4. Here is my store definition (using MVC), in Ext JS 4.1.1

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: '',
    alias: '',
  5. The active data set of the store will only match the page size, but the paging tool bar should be hooked into the total number of records and the current page. From the unit tests on the github site...
  6. See post #25 at It basically says this:
  7. Doug,

    I don't know what happened to my Fiddles, but they are no longer working for me either. Besides trying to run with 5.0.x.

    I was able to fork your fiddle and run it in preview mode to...
  8. Hi Doug,

    I went back to your first post (#29) and got a Fiddle set up to play around with. I sorta had to merge your Fiddle and one I had previously created to get it to actually run (not sure...
  9. Hi Doug-

    Did you figure out what's happening? I'd like to know. I was out of town last week so didn't get a chance to look at this. I'll try to look at it soon, might have some time tomorrow.
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    Check out this related post in the forums.

    It covers all of the...
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    Looks like you are using 4.2.x, since you have the paramsAsJson in your proxy config. Now all you need to do is call store.load() and pass in an object with params

  12. - what version of Ext JS are you using?
  13. @SlashEMc2k

    It's hard to tell from your code, but I think you just need to make sure that the store is extending from the paging store in your Architect version.

    I tried to create a fiddle to...
  14. Thanks @elvisharcher

    I updated the code in the github repository to add the applyPaging to the filterBy method.

    I didn't see the second issue you described. I updated my unit tests to call...
  15. First question, does paging work if you do not have filters? If not, then try getting paging to work without filters first.

    By the way, the test file at...
  16. When you defined your store, did you include a pageSize property?

    Also, make sure you are setting store.lastOptions before loading your data.

    store.lastOptions = {start:0, limit:50, page:1};...
  17. Sorry to come back to the plugin that I wrote, but it might work for you. I added an "index" config to the plugin, so you should be able to add the item at index 0, or 1 or whatever works for you.
  18. Just quickly checked my code. I'm using it either in vbox or hbox layouts, and primarily within "fieldcontainers" with hbox layouts. I haven't been following the updates in this thread very...
  19. Try adding layout: 'vbox' to your fieldset. I tried it quickly in your jsfiddle, and it worked... mostly. Give it a try and you'll see. I use this plugin (and have been since Stephen posted it) on...
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    My attempt at an Ext JS 4 version of this extension at
  21. Updating an Ext JS 3 app, finally forced me to need Condor's extension, since I couldn't find one amongst the 270+ posts on the thread at...
  22. I did something similar, determining controls based on roles and wrote about it here. : It's...
  23. I created a really simple plug-in to do this, b/c I needed to add a button to a few panel title bars. The plugin looks like this:

    Ext.define('Ext.ux.panel.header.ExtraIcons', {
  24. In addition to PHaroZ changes above for 4.1.0, I commented out the following in updateClearButtonVisibility:

    // Adjust padding-right of the input tag to make room for the...

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1.0
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 18
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