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  1. anyone any ideas on this or is there a fix pending?
  2. btw, it doesn't happen with a JSONStore
  3. aconran, thanks and no problem, find attached simplest project and steps to recreate below:

    Create new Architect project 4.1
    Save project and setup deploy settings in my case something like...
  4. only seems to do it on 4.1 Architect project but if the proj is created now in 4.0, Load Data works fine!?
  5. if anyone knows where i could download or somehow revert to previous build that would be great too for the short term

  6. Hi all, anyone else getting errors since build 640 when trying to right-click 'Load Data' on a Store?

    I'm getting:

    TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object
    Source Class: undefined Line 0
  7. no worries, i've settled for wrapping the component in another panel with layout type 'fit' then created sub panel with required layout e.g border/vbox etc... not sure why i need to do this but it...
  8. Hi all, i'm trying to split a designer app into sub-components which is working well. When the application runs, i load the sub-components into a main viewport (in code) and all looks good. However,...
  9. angleField in the series... obvious now /:)
  10. .... also, is there a way to extend the beta designer trial as i'm still not getting anywhere with this so not really able to evaluate or contribute to testing?
  11. ...or, does anyone have a link to the webinar/screencast that happened last week entitled something like 'hooking up the new designer to charts including pie-charts etc' :)
  12. Hi all, hopefully a quick one for a designer guru... i'm trying to link up a simple xml data source to a pie chart.... not so difficult to do 'in code' but not sure how to link up the properties...
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    ok, i understand now that the autoSelect has nothing to do with selecting the first result or item in the results array. I then thought i'd found another user with the same problem at ...
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    Hi all, i'm having a couple of problems using the combo for a simpleStore? Combo populates fine but never autoSelects the first element? If i enforce selection though setValue etc then this is fine...
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    ahh sorry, misread the api and the use of 'local' vs 'remote' mode.... the latter which is designed to load on 'click' :)
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    Hi all, i've got a combo reading from a store configured to autoLoad. I can see the load event fire and return results etc in firebug but when i click on the combo, the component forces another load...
  17. hi all, issues was solved... i rattled the problem down to a css width attribute being set to 100%... pulling it down to 98% solved the issue so I guess its related to some random IE6 box...
  18. Hi all, well impressed with ExtJS and it looks great. Firefox is the business for debugging etc but for some reason the screens always look a bit 'shabby' in Firefox!? IE / Opera / Chrome all seem...
  19. Site works fine in almost every browser but IE6 is giving us serious problems where comboboxes are concerned. Clicking on the combo box shows the values selectable but clicking on a value generates...
  20. Hi all, I have some dynamically generated html code in a standard html div (jsp based) that I need to push into an ExtJS panel. Ideally i'd like to keep the jsp changes to a minimum but just 'move'...
  21. yep, thats done the job ... for whatever reason i dont know but the Vtype validation seemed to be ignored on the client validation check (that you also helped with:)..i.e
  22. ok, different question. I'm gonna attach the test at the point when the form is submitted. Is there a way to 'fire' the validation formatting that puts the red underline and error message. I'm sure...
  23. my Vtype hello world... can anyone see what i need to add/change to get something to fire :)

    contactNumberCheck : function(val, field) {
    return false;
  24. mmm, I did that Condor but its different in the sense that it fires off the validation when both fields are populated or where one is then the user starts typing in the other... I guess i need my...
  25. Hi all, i have 2 fields on an extjs form. Whats the best way to use ExtJS validation to ensure that at least one (either) of the fields is populated?
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