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  1. onRender: function() {
    Grid.superclass.onRender.apply(this, arguments);
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    What about 3.3? It seems that headers in 3.3 redraws at each update of the grid. And this destroy filters with combo.
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    What about documentation for this air module?
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    Ext 3.1 released. Where I can find ext-air module?
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    Already there was version 3.1, but anywhere there is no module for air. What news about air support?
  6. Thank you for plugin!
  7. My code:

    public class Test2 implements EntryPoint {
    public void onModuleLoad() {
    RootPanel.get().add(new TestWindow());
  8. I am not able to do it, such architecture of the application.
  9. Now it is necessary to do with height of window.body that the loading message would be shown on window centre, instead of somewhere in a window corner. %(
  10. Thanks the Animal, respect for you. All has turned out also I could be remove lags at and has added nice mask() for window.body =)))))

    Thank you!
  11. Thanks big! It works.
  12. I will try to make it. But in any case set one parametre in Ajax.query looks where easier fuss with callbacks =)
  13. Yes, I use this plug-in. But now, because ext3.0 is near, I try to minimise usage of an foreign code.

    I use synchronous queries for construct forms "on the fly", I create Window object, on...
  14. In my app it have hundred different ids, also what for everyone should create a css rule?

    Question following, I can set "css" property for column which set inline css style for all cells of this...
  15. Why "render" event fired when the Ext.form.BasicForm (in Ext.form.FormPanel) is not rendered yet?

    I do this:


    I do it...
  16. I have not found anything in rc1 documentation about whitespaces customisation for grid cells. In 3.0 there is any "built in" solution for whitespaces customisation?

    I'm about "white-space:...
  17. I have attentively read discussion. Has viewed the link. And has not understood, will core team support synchronous queries in future. Or its absence is a principle position of core developers.
  18. Whether support of synchronous queries is built in?
  19. Have similar broken script assemblage ext-all-debug.js, it happens week or two ago. Today has found time to understand that with ext-all.js everything is all right, and ext-all-debug.js does not...
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    You repeat - the licence, the licence. But the person wishes to know in what month there will be a public beta and when the release is planned.
  21. Can anybody tell, how SwfUploadPanel can work under firefox3? What is "Content-type:inline"?
  22. This is flash component problem?
  23. Problem with FF3 still exist. :(
  24. Any ideas why it don't work?
  25. There will be new version of this plugin?
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