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  1. I have a grid with the model set to remoteSort : false

    I click the column header to sort, it work, click the header to sort descending, it puts up the loading mask forever.

    No error appears in...
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    Is there an easy way to determine if it is a mobile device so that we could add a button for page down page up. We don't have time to implement our web app in Sencha Touch. We have to release NOW!
  3. {"count":1,"data":[{"eventId":1,"id":1,"title":"Guestlist for (My Test Event)ID:1","version":58}],"message":"OK","success":true,"total":1}

    Ext.define('EasyServices.model.List', {
  4. I have implemented a form that make the following calls on the save button handler:

    handler: function() {
    if (forms.editPartySize.getForm().isValid()) {
  5. Scott,

    I am using ext-all-dev.js. There are no suggestions on the console.

    The two major problems that I am having are my form panels are not laying out properly AND a store that would load...
  6. Bought a license for 4.1 and the 4.1 code does not work properly with our application.

    Code that was working with 4.07 is now broken.

    Where do we go for help?

    first problem is that stores...
  7. IS there an example somewhere of floating forms and/or the use of showBy?
  8. I would like to hang a simple form off of a toolbar menu button so that the form is in the menu div that opens up.

    Anyone have an example of this?


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    4.0 ...

    I figured it out.

    var sm = Ext.create('Ext.selection.CheckboxModel');

    Instead of

    var sm = newExt.grid.CheckboxSelectionModel({ singleSelect: false,
    sortable: false,
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    var sm = new Ext.grid.CheckboxSelectionModel({ singleSelect: false,
    sortable: false,
    checkOnly: true

    When I try to call the above code, CheckboxSelectionMode...
  11. Consider a contact and contact store.

    var contact = new Ext.create('Contact',{firstName: firstname,
    lastName: lastname,
  12. Since I am using the plugin 'gridviewdragdrop' I don't have an object to pass to Ext.extend as the first argument.

    How do I get that dragzone object to override the value of animRepair?
  13. Thanks. I will see if I can get that working (the animRepair flag set to false).

    AND thanks for the speedy responses.
  14. I want to custom handle all of the actions on the stores.

    One store is a list of contacts (on the left) the other store is a guest list for an event (on the right).
    I don't want to delete the...
  15. adding a listener to the example below for beforedrop should stop the drop operations (on the stores) in the example at when beforedrop returns 0.
  16. Sorry for the inaccurate language. I got it working by changing what external js files were included and changing the code a little.

    Now I just need to find that latest version of the plugin.
  17. Why won't the store get focused with a mouse click in the field.
    That is the problem that I am seeing at

    If I hit the refresh button on the pagingtoolbar it does...
  18. See the application at
  19. It seem to work with the change and a browser cache clearing.

    Sorry, it is not working. :s
  20. I really like this plugin.
    The example at works great.

    But when I try to add the plugin to my code, the text field to type the search in will not take focus until after I hit...
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