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  1. As pegaso52it wrote

    in the official example at

    the problem exists

    so nothing to do with extension done.
  2. Hi

    The ext-lang-tr.js is distributed containing non correct char in UTF-8

    If you open it (with an UTF-8 editor), you can see that it is save on UTF-8

    you see "y" instead the turkey "i" .....
  3. Great news!
  4. Hi
    Using ExtJS 3.x there was a problem (it was not possible) to add/load dynamically a new component
    directly into any container that already has a BorderLayout.
    By its nature, a BorderLayout...
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    ty hendricd

    if it can be useful for others... to manage the related button on the taskbar it is enough to access the variable taskButton ont he ownerCt

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    there is a way to change the Ext.ux.ManagedIFrame.Window title from the loaded code ?
    I see that from the inside code I can access the hostMIF variable.. but no way to change the ManagedIFrame...
  7. Thank you

    This means that I cannot do it in the method.
    In your idea I should read store data and pass it to the submit as params when the user push the "submit"...
  8. Hi

    I have a Ext.form.FormPanel containing may input fields and also an EditorGridPanel (with a related store).

    Due my business logic the Grid / Store must be submitted with others form field...
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    Hi dverkade
    it looks very nice

    Are you using StartMenu and Desktop from ExtJs 3.4.x ? or 4.x ?
    I have some problem creatting dropdown menu.. can you share a small piece of your code
    E.g. for...
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    Have someone developed a prototype/example of a Win8 - Metro UI style interface with ExtJS ? 3.x is better
    I would like to emulate the new Win 8 start menu.
    Any idea or starting point ?
  11. Hi
    vField is an instance of a TextField exacly like the code in 1st snippet.

    The issue is only for a editor grid (editor for a column). Adding dynamically as in 1st snippet in a simple form it is...
  12. Hi

    I know I can add a plugin on the fly to a TextField (for example) in the following way.

    vField = .... < a text field retrieved)
    var vPlugin = new...
  13. up :-/
  14. I have a wrong behaviour under IE9 rendering a cell containing <% simbols

    It it not rendered and also next rows are missing.

    All work fine under FF and Chrome

    This is the test case and...
  15. Hello
    Is this bug dismiss from the mind ? it is possible know the status ?
  16. Hi
    I believe this is a big bug.
    There is a plan for the fix ?

  17. yes thanks you

    I also believe it is a bug..
  18. Probably was not clear what is the issue.

    Staring from "OriginalGrid.gif". Edit the first Cell (value Adder's-Tongue ) to --> "Adder's-Tongue NEW VALUE") and push TAB (not Enter)

    You can see...
  19. Hi, Saki,
    I know it, but the problem is: (test case 2)

    How to get the CHANGED value? (the one that I had typed in editor before tabbing?)
    Has u see, using steps described (test 2) you will see...
  20. I all, I have built a little example derived from a grid editor demo for explain the problem.

    In the example is editable only the first column (common name).

    Test case 1)
    - Edit the first name...
  21. Hi
    I believe this is not the right forum to post a support request.
    If you can move this to Ext 3.x or 4.x Help and Discussion

    Try to use use directly the instead of...
  22. Thank for you suggestion
    I fix the issue in this way. In case of combobox with remote store, instead to use a remote store , I will have preloaded all possible items in a "private" store common to...
  23. Ty Mohan

    Can you post your example?

    I'm not using a Ext.grid.EditorGridPanel but a simple Ext.grid.GridPanel because the grid is read-only.

  24. Hi and thank you
    I'm just using a renderef funtion.
    And it is called.
    I created a rendered like the doc having this code

    record = combo.findRecord(combo, value);
  25. Hi

    I have a problem rendering a combobox with a remote store (JSonStore) in a grid panel (not editable).

    For my purpose I need to pass additional parameters based on the record.
    For this...
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