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  1. Hi,

    I saw the page with the early-access release of v6: but there doesn't seem to be a form attached to it?
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    Same here, using Sencha Cmd v5.1.0.26, after updating a 5.0.1 project using "sencha app upgrade -noframework".
    "sencha app build testing" gives as output (first line)

    [INF] Processing Build...
  3. It was kind of tricky, but something like this worked for me using the rowbody feature.
    See for an example of what the rowbody...
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    Be sure to check that all layouts are defined properly, and that every component has a (calculated or derived) width and height. I experienced some weird/missing components due to a missing height...
  5. Personally, I prefer to put the same kind of artifacts together, like:

    controller - All controllers
    model - All models
    store - All stores
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    Request urls larger than 2Kb are not supported AFAIK, you'll need to change the ajax method to POST by changing the proxy's actionMethods or override the proxy's getMethod method.
    A good way to find...
  7. Hi,

    I had the same problem: ' PageMap asked for range which it does not have.'.
    After investigating what's going on, I found that on reloading the grid using a...
  8. Ext version tested:

    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 39.0.2171.95 (64-bit) (OSX)

    Reload a buffered store 'forgets' parameters passed earlier in the...
  9. +1 for a licensed version to be able to use 'sencha app upgrade -ext' without having a watermark displayed and without having to download the version manually.
  10. Hi,

    Not sure if this might be a duplicate of or
    but I noticed that a chart requires an...
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    Hi,Thx all for the quick answers! I've been away a couple of years, didn't notice the rowBody feature before.This feature is exactly what I'm looking for (extra data below the columns fields) but...
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    Hi all,<br><br>I'm looking for the best option to display extra info in a grid. The RowExpander does the job, but I need all rows to be expanded directly, and the rows should not be...
  13. Hi,

    I'm trying to expand a tree's rootnode recursively.
    First, I tried the TreePanel's but it gives an error:

    Then I tried to use the RootNode's.expand method:

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    I'm trying to completely refresh/reload a tree with a different filter (load parameter),
    but the current treenodes need to remain in the database.
    (Meaning can't use remove because that...
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    Hi all,

    I'm writing a custom component that creates a private store for itself (I don't want a global store initiated from the application). On destroying the custom component, I thought I should...
  16. Hi all,

    Is there a way to use an existing layout (or create a new one) that maintains the height/weight ratio the same when resizing a window or a panel? I need a panel that sizes the height and...
  17. Hi all,

    I'm writing a custom container component, and I have a hard time figuring out how exactly the renderTpl is supposed to work.
    Something like below works, but not if I want to let Ext...
  18. Hi Mitchell,

    Thx for your reply. The way of how you spell it out isn't that important.
    But it would be great if controllers could be instantiated 'on the fly', apply to a specific panel only, and...
  19. Hi all,

    What's the best way to define a panel specific controller (in my case for a single, complex panel in a wizard)?
    Controllers that are defined in the definition are...
  20. Using a secure connection (https://...) solves your 'man-in-the-middle-attack'.
  21. Hi all,

    This was my first day with the SenchaSDKTools, and though I'm impressed, there's something that I'm missing.

    If I include the ext-all.js file before including the all-classes.js file,...
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    Sweet! We were just investigating history.js.

    I do have a minor improvement; it's nice if you can pass an optional scope so that the callback method
    is called in it's own scope.

  23. Hi all,

    I was trying to set a textarea to readonly, and it didn't work. Turned out that in 4.1 beta 2 the {cls} is missing, just as it was in the base class.

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    Really nice, I will look into it later this month.
    Are there any advantages as opposed to CodeMirror?
  25. Hi,

    I had a hard time getting Ext.Direct to work for my configuration.
    After some debugging, I found that the api property is only copied from the initialConfig, not from the class definition.
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