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  1. Panel with borderLayout fill it's parent body

    I want to add panel to one of tabs of tabPanel, I use border layout for panel but when i add panel to tab it can't fill it's parent body.
    panel code:

    var viewport = Ext.create('Ext.panel.Panel',...
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    Load panel to tab via ajax

    I want to load panel via ajax to one of tabPanel tabs in my web app, I do it by means of below code

    var mainTabs = Ext.create('', {
    layout: 'card',
    defaults: {
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    I calling map panel with below code: ...

    I calling map panel with below code:

    tabs.insert(2,{ title:'Map', layout: 'fit', loader: { ...
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    MapPanel in TabPanel to fill it's content

    I use extjs4.1 with geoext2 in my web app.
    I want to load mapPanel to tabPanel via ajax and it fill tabPanel height and width.
    If i set mapPanel height and width i can see it in tabPanel but it...
  5. Excuse

    Excuse me! this is type error
    i use mapPanel.getTopToolbar().addButton(button); but when i want to use getTopToolbar() functions doesn't work!
    chrome shows Error for getTopToolbar() functions!
  6. mapPanel topToolbar functions doesn't works

    I use geoExt with ExtJs3.4 in my application!.I create a mapPanel and add openlayers map into it with below code.

    var mapPanel = new GeoExt.MapPanel({
    renderTo: 'gxmap',
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