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  1. the opacity or filter: alpha does not effect the fuzziness of the text, just the visibility.
    is it possible to fix the shadow or whatever ie (and only ie) does to the text in the disabled button?...
  3. Hi All :) Hope everyone is well!

    I have a page with 6 different forms submitted by Ajax on one submit click (going to different PHP URLs).
    Sometimes though I am requested to submit only one form...
  4. Yes ,that what I meant.. having form 1 hold params for both form 1 and 2 and submiting form1.
    your comment on the file upload and server errors is what i was worried about and didnt know.
    as far...
  5. thanks,
    I am not sure what you mean by " can't submit them together". assumnig I set the values from from1 to form2 as suggested, and that form2 is inside adialog that a user openes at some point...
  6. thanks Condor
    My first formpanel is inside a layout , my 2nd formpanel is inside a outside any layout and it is opened via a click on the first panel. so to my understanding, I can not use...
  7. Hi
    Is it possible to use one basicForm for multiple components?
    In other words.. i need to use one server call to load data into a formpanel (formPanel1.load()). I also need to use some fields in...
  8. Thanks for your reply and advice.
    I am sorry but I dont follow..

    plesae let me rephrase me question

    Let say I have one formPanel fp
    and two ext.wind win1,win2

    now I call fp.load();...
  9. Hi

    I have a large json returned from the server.
    This json holds values and options for a large configuration scenerio.
    The actual configurations is devided by 3 different forms : main,...
  10. Im running my server on an embeded lynux with very little resources and tying to keep the trips to the server to minimum.
    To load a form with over 20 comboboxes with one server call am running the...
  11. Hi Condor
    Thanks for clearing this for me :)
  12. Hi,
    I need to load some stores from a a main store, something like


    I need to do that for about 20 stores. I did not find a way to do it wit the...
  13. Condor,
    Thanks so much.

    If I understand your suggestion, then asuming I have 30 combos in a form I will end up with 30(31) stores.
    All stores will derives it's data from the main store, the one...
  14. Hi and thanks for the fast reply :)

    I have seen this code in one of the thread..

    I must admit to being guilty of being a complete newby to extjs so some thing are not clear to me:

  15. Thanks :)

    It is pretty much up to me how the separations between comboboxes is set.. as i tried to show in the small json example i could just use different elements in the store as combo1{....},...
  16. Hi
    I asked a similar question before but didnot get an answer that worked form me so I will try to asked it differently..

    I need to populate a set of combo boxes (possibly in a formpanel)...
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