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  1. i use load() method but result is add the current values in list view.
  2. thanks for quick replay.i will try to use reload
  3. Hi,

    I have created a from having 2 text field and button i want to put text field values in list view when click on i create Model and Store for it.My List code also in Main View.But i...
  4. Hi
    i have created a form with two button i want generate events on both buttons i used contollers for it.but i click on second button event is fired.but it not fired on first button.i am not...
  5. Hi,
    I have created a simple form having three textfiled. i want to store values of textfiled into localstorage and later fetch all the record on console. i am doing this because i am beginner of...
  6. Thanks
    i used array and push element at the end of array now it works.
    but when i close the browser all the records flush away from an array. so what is the use of localstorage.i want data persist...
  7. Hi

    I have created a form using sencha touch 2.1 having three Textfield. i want to do user insert info into textField and save into store.then fetch all the records from store and display on...
  8. i have try above code but it not work for me.
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    i try to this.add('File Name) in series it give error Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier
  10. Hi
    i am working on mobile application development using Sencha touch.I have developed Bar chart application .It having markers on each bar in series with values but i want improve some additional...
  11. Hi,
    i have created a simple form using sencha touch and i use MySQL as a back-end for storing data.My basic functionality is just user fill the form and values of textfield in the form is stored in...
  12. i have remove jdk 1.7.0 and install 1.6.0 then fire commad .apk is generated with showing size
  13. i have followed your answer . i re-install Sencha Cmd into directory without any name spaces in the name C:\Sencha.and fire command sencha package build packager.json it generate .apk successfully....
  14. hi
    Thanks . now .apk is generating
  15. Hi

    I am developed sencha application.i want to create .apk file for testing in to device.i refer your docs for that
    all the command work fine except sencha package build give...
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    i want to create dynamic picker in my app.but i am unable to is code .
    help me
  17. Hi
    i am new to sench touch technology.We are developing "Dynamic Chart Application".In an application We successfully fetch data from server and generate the chart When application load.But we are...
  18. hi
    how to write code for sending clicked picker value to MySql server.
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