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  1. When can we expect next relase of GXT. We are waiting for several bug fixes and would like to decide if we should wait or find some workarounds of bugs we reported?

    Jakub Sciuba
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    Probably I found a bug, but be so kind as to confirm.
    There is a possibility that invalid value won't be marked as valid, when DateField is configured like:

    DateField dateField = new...
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    Dear Team,

    I have just been trying to launch Superdev mode but found some problems which can be connected to GXT. When starting super dev mode server I get following messages during compilation:
  4. Hi,

    Here is what I noticed:


    1) collapse an area
    2) click on header of collapsed area, to temporary expand
  5. That is right but ChangeEvent is not fired onblur as well. When you select date using datePicker then FieldDate gets focus and then when you click outside (blur) the field ChangeEvent is not fired. I...
  6. Hi,

    I think i found a bug in DateField. I noticed that "Change" event is not fired when date is selected using calendar/date picker widget. Could you please let me know if it is expected behaviour...
  7. Hi there,

    I would like to suggest a small change in ToolTipErrorHandler implementation. It would be great if appearance would be similar to (or even the same as) SideErrorTooltipAppearance. I...
  8. Dear All,

    I am coding widget which uses few TextField. I implemented set of my own classes which extend FieldText. I wanted to take advantege of PropertyEditor interface to convert string to...
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