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  1. not really - it just focuses as soon as the view is loaded
  2. just in the iOS simulator (v6) -- I haven't provisioned yet to run on a device -- have you seen this issue in your apps?
  3. I ask because although "Jog with friends" is touted as a sample app for this type of development, but it does not work in my localhost.

    The only version of JWF that I got to work was one I found...
  4. I've noted that when I navigate to some of my form panel views, they automatically gain focus in a text field. Other form views that I navigate to don't.

    That happens despite all my views being...
  5. I would like to use Ext's String method on some text that will be output to the view.

    For example:

    itemTpl: [
    '<tpl switch="post_type">',
  6. Thanks Mitchell - I don't seem to be able to loop through the comments though.

    I use this controller to show the post and comments on tap:

    Ext.define('MyApp.controller.Main', {
  7. I am successfully showing a series of blog posts such as

    "stream": {
    "posts": [{
    "post_id": "1",
    "post_thumb": "pic",
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