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  1. But I did :). Probably I'm not that talented, so after one day I gave up.

    I also gave up because I was able to do the ENTIRE work with jQueryTheme Builder in under 10 minutes :).
  2. With SASS, the CSS is easier, but SASS+ExtJS is not, as the Sencha approach of structuring a project with the include structure and scripts, the modern IDE SASS support is quite useless, so the...
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    There is a reason :). See the previous commit message:
    "changed license - no GPLv3 anymore, only commercial"
  4. Not really.

    Unfortunately Selenium IDE is a very nice starting tool, but quite useless(or just a PITA) for more "real" or "webapp" scenarios. Think of it more as a prototyping tool.

    If you are...
  5. Unfortunately using Selenium directly with ExtJS it's a PITA because of the lots of HTML markup ExtJS generates and the fact that this might change from version to version, thus breaking your tests...
  6. IMO you can't, or at least we haven't found how.
    The official distribution is missing important scripts/files from the /build directory.

    This "omission" also prevents the users to quickly fix...
  7. We had a similar problem during migration to Ext 4. This looks to me like you are overriding the default TD styles with margin 2px or something similar (many (reset) css frameworks seem to do this...
  8. There are quite a few "alternatives" mentioned on an older list from StackOverflow:
    " looks interesting (moved to github).
    ampleSDK (interesting...
  9. Nice, but the problem is with the general missing of custom variables support in Architect (not just in the proxy, but in other parts too).
    This was a big disadvantage of ExtDesigner too, and Sencha...
  10. I was using this one:
  11. Or you can use a "dynamic grid" until Sencha will release such a component.
    There are several example snippets how to do it in the forum, but unfortunately no complete but simple one in the live...
  12. It'a known problem that the docs are broken for Chrome (was reported by several users before quite a while before), but Sencha did nothing visible so far to fix it.
  13. Loiane was so kind to start converting some of the examples to work with the Sencha Architect:
  14. It's an ExtJS Issue, since it's present in it's severe form only in ExtJS - other JS frameworks that can display huge tables don't have this problem.
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    That depends allot on your needs, skills, time and budget :).

    E.g. if your needs go beyond the available examples (that one could just change a little :) ), than Kendo is a way better choice - one...
  16. seems to have 'exception' event too but this is not documented :(.
    (found some StackOverflow examples with it).

    This is not the same as the reader's exception event however.
  17. This feature was not implemented in ExtJS 4.1 - it was postponed for 4.2, and very probably we won't see it before ExtJS 5.0 :(.
  18. Very useful, thank you.

    Any plans to implement some transparent persistence/backend support too?
    E.g. maybe a servlet that would use Log4J directly? :D

    Thanks in advance.
  19. We used this trick and it works perfectly - if the user does have an Internet (not just intranet) connection, and the IP addresses to the Google servers are not blocked.

    The speed is almost like...
  20. I would suggest Selenium, e.g.
    You can use the Selenium IDE, but because ExtJS generates allot of "one time", dynamic and "non-predictable between versions"...
  21. What about eating your own dog food and make all your examples (from /examples directory) to be also Sencha Architect projects, so that when the user is browsing your live examples, with a simple...
  22. Currently there's only a "partial" support for accessibility in ExtJS 4.1.0.
    If it's programmed with care:
    - with the use extra libraries like (since the...
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    The ugly but simple way is just to create a Ext Panel that has as HTML content a simple DIV with an id, and than simply render the force directed graph to that div.
  24. Column headers (and their elements: sort, toggle, filter) don't seem to be able to get the focus :(.
    This is more visible using something like:

    *:focus { border: 2px dotted #E20074...
  25. Nice to see so many bugs fixed, but this distribution is still not complete, nor consistent in the naming:
    1. "" as opposed to to "" used by Sencha since ages (our...
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