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  1. do u hava this extension base on Extjs 3.*? i try to rewrite this on 3.* ,bug it looks like difficult
  2. i reporting a bug and asking for help,:) ,i think that is a bug base on Ext 3.* (LockingGridView doesn't scroll use mousewheel in the locked section) and as mentioned above, I tried many ways to...
  3. i listen lockedScroller 's mousewheel Event ,like this:
    [CODE] lockedScroller.on("mousewheel",function(e){
    var deltas = e.getWheelDelta()
    mainBody.dom.scrollTop ...
  4. hi,I also saw this bug,and that it was not in Ext 4.* ,so i saw the source code of Ext 4.but it looks complicated,so ,can you show me ieda or suggestion to solve this bug above ext 3.3

    the code...
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